Revolution 60 Heading to PC Soon

Giant Spacekat brought its Game-of-the-Year winning game, Revolution 60, to Steam Greenlight a few days ago, smashing their way through enough votes to get Greenlit in only a few days. Now well on its way to a March 2015 release date, players who don’t have an iOS device will soon be able to set out on their own secret missions as the tough ladies of Chessboard, immersing themselves in assassination missions and a unique retro sci-fi aesthetic.


Revolution 60‘s gameplay and interface were all specifically designed with touch in mind for the game’s original release on iOS, and while that can work with a mouse, the developers at Giant Spacekat have made some changes to make the experience more intuitive on PC. The game has, oddly enough, taken inspiration from The Typing of the Dead for its port, asking the player to type out key words to enact specific commands in the game. Should a character find themselves betrayed or have to spinkick someone’s face off, your typing skills will be put to the test. The developers have also improved textures and lighting, making the strange 60’s/sci-fi mixture look even better than the original version of the game did.


Telling a complex story interwoven with quick-time events and a unique combat style (you can find out more on the iOS version’s combat in our PAX East impression from last April), Giant Spacekat is promising a narrative-heavy, branching plot filled with spies and betrayal for PC players this March.


Revolution 60 is currently available on the App Store for $6.99. For more information on Revolution 60 and Giant Spacekat, you can head to their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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