Terraria Artist Offers A Sneak Peek Of His Next Game

Terraria 2.0

[UPDATE: Tiyuri contacted us after having waded through the fans to ask us to shift the focus away from a Terraria sequel completely. Although we made this clear in the post – it seems a lot of people only read headlines to base their assumptions. Who knew? We obliged Tiyuri's request and have altered the headline ever so slightly.]

One of the masked bandits behind Terraria, Tiyuri, has revealed the first screenshots and information regarding his upcoming game. Terraria fans, rejoice!

Terraria needs no introduction to anyone. Arguably, it’s second only to Minecraft in the size of its community in the indie game sphere. It’s hard to imagine how it could get any better, but it seems that might just be happening in the coming future with the eventual reveal of the next project from the developer.

The screenshot that acts as a header is the latest reveal, teasing fans to ask prying questions and begging for more information. The developer’s focus with that latest screenshot was to showcase the development of the lighting and real-time shadows. You may be looking at it from a different angle, sizing up your first impressions and probably concluding that it looks like more Terraria, albeit with a few differences.

There was a much more exciting shot released a couple of weeks back though, one that many people missed and this one is certain to fizzle like sherbet on your tongue.


Arctic Planet

Take a few minutes to scan from corner to corner, soaking every little detail in. Exciting, isn’t it? Penguin kings, the Aurora Borealis, jellyfish-brains and cyborgs are just a couple of things we spotted.

“It’s a mix of diablo, metroid, castlevania, terraria, pokemon + some new stuff no one has ever done before”, said Tiyuri to an eager fan, whetting their appetite. We had a quick chat with Tiyuri who then added “maybe borderlands too”.

One thing is for certain though; although this upcoming game may bear some resemblances with Terraria, as Tiyuri himself said to us, “It’s going to be a considerably different game to Terraria“.

Further vouching for that is some more assets that we found relating to the game, this one showcases some of the characters and their animations. While this one seems to showcase bipedal mechs to jump in and hopefully cause chaos with.

Is your head spinning frantically with ideas, hopes and excitement now? Good. We’ll keep you stewing in your own juices for now then.

More information on this as of yet untitled game will arrive later in the year. All we can confirm for now is that the game will be available for Windows and Mac. Look out for more small tid bits by following Tiyuri on Twitter!

UPDATE: More screenshots have been discovered, though they are older ones once again.


Desert 2


starry sky

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