Thatgamecompany Tease Next Project, ‘Journey’ Coming To PSN In March


You can stop biting your tongue now as we have some concrete details regarding the release of thatgamecompany’s upcoming Journey for PS3, there’s even a hint about their next project!

Prior to now we knew that Journey was planned for a Spring 2012 release but according to issue #227 of Game Informer Magazine, the game is coming to PSN in March. It actually reads the following at the end of the preview:

“No matter how you describe [Journey], it’s a title that should absolutely be on your radar as we near its release in March.”

This is yet to be confirmed by either Sony or thatgamecompany, however, the developers did get to providing a list of other details regarding the game via their Twitter account.

  • Journey will have one save file per PS3. The game saves at the end of each level
  • Journey only features between 3-5 hours of gameplay but has “great replayability”
  • Journey likely won’t have downloadable content ( DLC ) but “there’s always the chance”
  • Journey won’t support 3D
  • There will be Journey SEN/PSN avatars.
  • Unless Sony develops one there won’t be a PS Vita version of Journey or Flower

Amongst these details which are strewn across thatgamecompany’s Twitter account is a very obscure and ambiguous hint about their next game after Journey. Of course, thatgamecompany’s contract with Sony comes to an end now as it was only for three games (flOw, Flower, Journey), so this next project could be on other platforms.

As can be seen in this tweet, the hint coming from thatgamecompany is “something that you can see with your eyes”.

No more, no less, no clue. There’s really no point in even trying to draw any information from such an open ended clue, but we’re still excited at the prospect that the developers will be able to release their next game on other platforms. For now, we have Journey to look forward to in March, unfortunately there are no pricing details as of yet.

We recently revealed that you lot, our readers, named Journey one of your most anticipated games of 2012, find out why right here.

More information on Journey can be found on the game’s official website.

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