That’s Just Poppins: ‘Reflexio’ Now Available For PC

Puzzle platforming pariahs have a new reason to muster some of that latent, pent-up enthusiasm with the release of Reflexio, an angelic-looking title from Cornell University’s Box Jellyfish Studios.


The game stars a minuscule koala named Joey, whose magical umbrella has the rather nifty ability to reflect the level scenery around him. To what ends, you ask? To change the player’s visual perspective and unveil hidden areas of the level, squire.


It seems almost too obvious to draw a few groan-eliciting comparisons with Fez here, but Reflexio‘s party trick is its preference for y-axis flipping, rather than the horizontal rotation we saw in Polytron’s recent hit. What that more or less means is that Joey’s mystical brolly  has the power to quite literally turn the world upside down. Extended metaphors triumph above all!


Reflexio leaps straight out of the gates with in excess of 50 levels of practical mathematical trickery, along with 13 in-game achievements to keep completionists on the straight-and-narrow. It’s also one of the straight-up cutest audiovisual  showcases we’ve seen today.


Those wishing to pick up a copy of Reflexio have plenty of choice, given that it’s available on Desura for £3.49, directly through Box Jellyfish’s site for £3.19 and on IndieCity for £2.99. For more information on the game, have a look at its official site.

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