The ‘Indie Gala 3′ Goes Live – 5 Games And Bonuses

The Indie Gala 3 has just gone live and this time there are significantly less games available but there lots of secrets to be unlocked.


If third time is a charm then you’ll be delighted to hear that The Indie Gala has released another bundle, this time their third, with many games for low prices. In fact you can pay whatever price you want for them but if you want to get all of the games and the bonuses that will be added to the sale then you’ll want to pay over the average.


When you put your money on the table you can then adjust the sliders to donate the money how you want between the Gala organizers, the developers and charity (Child’s Play and Save the Children)


Pay what you want for the following three games:


Pay more than the average to also get:


There will also be four bonuses added to the bundle for those who pay over the average, these are still unknown however.


The Indie Gala 3 is available for the next 15 days, so you have plenty of time to grab the games at the price you’re willing to pay. The secret bonuses will be revealed and distributed sometime during the second week.


More information on The Indie Gala 3 can be found over on the official website.

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