Total War: Warhammer III ‘Deep Into Production’ According to Creative Assembly

Developer Creative Assembly was always straightforward about wanting to create a trilogy based around the Warhammer Fantasy universe. The first two games in the series were released in 2016 and 2017, respectively. Now, almost two years since the second entry, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Total War: Warhammer III. We don’t know a lot of about the upcoming title just yet, however, CA did mention it briefly yesterday.

In its most recent developer update, Creative Assembly talked about the current state of the Three Kingdoms, Warhammer, and Saga series. Primarily the first two. Among other things, the developers said that Total War: Warhammer III is currently deep into production. The company also noted that the game is being handled by its largest Total War project team. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to learn much else about the game from the blog. However, it sounds like CA is working hard to deliver the third part of the trilogy as quickly as possible. The sooner the better if you ask me.

Total War: Warhammer II Roadmap

In addition to working on the sequel, the developers are currently also busy improving and expanding Total War: Warhammer II. The game already received two major expansion packs along with a number of free and paid DLCs since launch. The latest DLC dubbed The Hunter & The Beast came out just last week and was accompanied by a freeLC known as Gor-Rok. Coincidentally, The Hunter & The Beast got a new beta update very recently. Check out the announcement on Steam if you want to learn more about it.


Moving forward, Creative Assembly plans to add even more content to Total War: Warhammer II. The blog post mentions that the next DLC is scheduled to hit sometime around Festag. Think of it like Warhammer's version of Christmas. In addition, gamers can also expect yet another freeLC to arrive alongside the paid content. There are no details regarding the upcoming DLC at this time but it’s likely it will be another Lords pack. Similar to The Hunter & The Beast.

The developers also announced that they are working on a major balance patch, which should hit sometime before Christmas. As far as 2020 is concerned, CAs first order of business will be to rework the Greenskins faction. CA has already reworked other factions from the first Total War: Warhammer game, including The Empire and The Vampire Counts. It looks like the plan is to rework the remaining original factions before Total War: Warhammer III launches. That may or may not include DLC ones like Norsca and Bretonnia.

Three Kingdoms and a Second Saga

Elsewhere in the developer update, Creative Assembly outlined its plans for future Three Kingdoms content. The latest piece of DLC, Eight Princes, wasn’t very well received by fans. This was mainly due to the fact that it was set after the events of the Three Kingdoms period.

As a result of fan feedback, future content will take place closer to the events of the original. The devs also confirmed that the Nanman faction will finally be featured in an upcoming update. The Nanman was a highly requested faction so I'm sure a lot of fans will be happy about that.

Finally, Creative Assembly noted that is it fully aware of Thrones of Britannia's mixed reception. The company took the criticism to heart and wants to make the next Saga better than the first one. More details regarding the next Saga game are expected to be announced soon. Make sure to keep an eye out for that.


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