Trailer Thursday June 6th Results! 13 New Indie Game Trailers!

From now until the end of time, The Indie Game Mag will host Trailer Thursday, in which indie game developers (and fans) send in trailers, gameplay videos, or whatever they want, to us and we feature them in this weekly article!


This week, we have thirteen videos for readers to watch!

1.) Abducted
2.) Space Rig Zeta
3.) Void Destroyer
4.) Assault Android Cactus
5.) Arrow Mania
6.) Cube & Star: A Love Story
7.) Magnet
8.) The Maker’s Eden
9.) NAVE
10.) Dillo Hills 2
11.) Effing Dead
12.) Life Goes On
13.) Hazel Dazzle


If you’re an independent developer (or just want to share a video!) email Tom at tom(at) with “Trailer Thursday” in the subject line. Or catch him on Twitter: @tomscott90

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