Watch Out For The ‘Indie Buskers’! Give Them Game Ideas Too

Here’s a little mystery for you! A new website has started up but nothing is known about it, the organizers are looking for your game ideas though.


Sometimes, when I am sat here just typing away as I do, I get the odd (understatement!) email pop up and say hello. This happened a little earlier today as it always does but this particular email was special. There was no name to be found anywhere – in fact, it was entirely anonymous. So I read it and my brain entered psycho detective zone!


The email speaks of a group of “quite well known” indie developers who have come together to plot a secret public event and they call themselves the Indie Buskers. Now you’re probably thinking what I did – a secret on the internet, bah, that will last long. Well, these developers aren’t stupid so they’re announcing details of this obscure event under a tight schedule.


You’ll see over on the official website that there is currently a countdown to unveil the first of the five developers (obviously that applies to the time of writing). We’re just waiting for the unveiling of the developers, what the event is and when it will take place.


Until that time, the developers are asking for game ideas so presumably this event is going to be connected to that somehow. I advise suggesting your game ideas over on the official website because something tells me this is going to be a rather cool event. It better be after all of this teasing at least!


You can find more information (eventually) about the Indie Buskers over on the official website.

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