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About the game

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One Finger Death Punch 2 (OFDP2) is the sequel to One Finger Death Punch, a beat-up game created by Silver Dollar Games. A beat-up involves non-stop action, where you need to beat up enemies to defeat them and protect yourself at the same time. The original game was famous for using only two buttons for game control. The sequel uses the same way to play the game, making it not just simple to play but also blazing fast. The speed of the game is one of the main highlights.

The game is offered in the single-player mode. It is an out-right action game where you keep taking on enemies until you die. With nearly 400 levels in the game, it is a true entertainer for fans of this genre. The game uses Kung Fu and other techniques to take on enemies. The game has a special co-operative mode, where two players can play the game; one plays while the other rests and so on. The player who rests gains lost health. This mode makes the game more difficult to play.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

OFDP 2 has no plot or storyline to speak of. It is an intense beat-up action game, where all you need to do is keep hammering your opponents non-stop. In fact, the makers of the game proudly proclaim this at the start. There is no need for a plot or story in a slam-bang beat-up game like this. It doesn’t matter why you need to knock out someone; the objective is just to do it. To play this game, you don’t need to know the story; you need to understand how to complete the game.

For this reason, there is an extensive tutorial in the game. The tutorial introduces you to the game and tells you how to play it. This is a unique aspect of this game. Sixteen levels of tutorials will tell you everything about this game. It tells you all the techniques you need to fight and also tells you what you should not do. There are weapons available for use, that is explained in the tutorial levels. Once the tutorial level is done, then you are ready to play.

The gameplay

Gameplay revolves around two buttons. It can be your console buttons, the left and right arrow button, or the two mouse buttons. This interface makes the game easy and blazingly fast. You need to click one of the two mouse buttons, depending on from which side the enemies come at you. The tutorials will tell you how. Don’t think the game is just about pressing buttons. The game advises you not to button mash as it will not help you. Wild smashes won’t help you win. It must be an aimed and calculated blow to knock out the opponent. There are a variety of enemies spread across levels. There are color codes that tell you the strategy to use against them.

There is a map with multiple pathways giving you the option to choose your path to move ahead. This is a huge game that has not only many levels but also secret levels. The game level tells you how many enemies you will face. The game becomes tougher as you proceed, making it challenging. You will never get bored of playing even though the basic gameplay is the same. There is even a Star Wars-type sword for you to massacre enemies. You can activate 26 skills at the same time to give you more power.

The game features

The interesting features that define this game are:

  • One Finger Death Punch Two is a beat-up action game that is a worthy sequel to the original game.
  • The game uses a simple two-button system of gameplay, making the gameplay fast.
  • The game uses stickmen for gameplay. The game makers have used this to ensure you use Kung Fu at its best.
  • There are up to 26 skills that are available for use in the game. The skills allow you to defeat your enemies easily. There are weapons to use in the game to help you win easily.
  • Even though the basic concept of the game is the same, you will not be bored as there are elements to make each fight unique and different.
  • It is a huge game with 400 levels, bonus levels, bonus modes, and many other attractions.

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