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About the game

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Extra Ordinary is a game that was developed to coincide with the release of the 2019 movie Extra Ordinary. The movie Extra Ordinary is an Irish comedy horror movie. It is the story of a driving instructor who hides her paranormal powers for many years. She has to come out of retirement to save a girl called Sarah Martin from a satanic musician. Cranked Up Films commissioned the game and tasked Airdrof, an indie games developer, known for developing the game Faith, to develop the game.

Extra Ordinary, the game, uses the story and some of the characters from the movie. It uses the same concept of a girl possessed and the efforts of a driving instructor to save her. The game is a DOS-based pixel game. It runs just like a DOS game and resembles the popular games of the 80s. It is a tie-in game for the movie. It is a ghost-busting game of the horror genre that would be liked in particular by those who like old DOS games. The game is free to play.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

A spirit has possessed Martin’s daughter. He requests a driving instructor to help him save his daughter. This is the plot of the game Extra Ordinary that is similar to that of the movie. The instructor is Rose, who has supernatural powers. Due to various reasons, she had not exercised her supernatural powers. She now has the challenge to use her special abilities to save Martin’s daughter. A failed musician is trying to use occult powers to regain fame. For this, he tries to sacrifice a girl.

You play this game as Rose, the driving instructor. Your objective is to use your powers to defeat the various ghosts. At the same time, you need to protect Martin’s daughter from harm. If the ghosts get to her, then you lose, and the game is over. The game has a simple plot and storyline. Ultimately, you need to collect ectoplasm from Martin and use it to end the evil spell of Martin. The game is played at different places, and you need to complete all the stages of the game.

The gameplay

Since this is a DOS-style pixel game, the gameplay happens using the keyboard. If you are a gamer who likes using the mouse, then you will be disappointed. You need to be fast with your keyboard to ace this game. The game starts with Martin asking you to talk to his daughter. There are four different destinations in the game, which act as the game levels. The final level is Winter’s castle; to get there, you need three ectoplasms that you need to collect during the initial levels.

There are three initial levels. In the first level- Martin’s house, you need to catch up with Martin while avoiding the ghost. In the second level- Country Lane, you need a catch a ghost and make it possess Martin to help you get ectoplasm. In the third level, you need to collect holding spells to protect Sarah. You need to move quickly to collect the spells. There are flying goats that come to catch Sarah. If any of the goats hit Sarah, she dies, and the level is over. You need to start again.

Once you play all the levels and get ectoplasm, you can move to Winter’s castle for the final confrontation with the ‘wanna-be sorcerer’ Winter. Defeating him and busting all the ghosts to save Sarah is the objective of this game.

The game features

The following features explain what a gamer can expect from Extra Ordinary:

  • Extra Ordinary is a pixel game that is in the old style of DOS games. It is a horror game with a plot involving supernatural elements.
  • The game is a tie-in game made for the movie Extra Ordinary. The game plot is based on the movie.
  • In the game, you play the role of a driving instructor who has to save a girl who is possessed by ghosts.
  • In some levels, you need to catch ghosts. In other levels, you need to escape from them or even battle them. Each level of the game has different requirements.
  • Compared to all the action games of today, the game seems too simple. It does involve many challenges. Games who like to play games using the mouse will be disappointed with this game.
  • It is a very short game that can be played once, especially by those who like old DOS-based games.

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