What’s Special About Cannibal Cuisine?

Indie developer, Rocket Vulture, released a new game called Cannibal Cuisine on May 20, 2020. If you've ever played or come across Overcooked before, then this game will surely look familiar when you first play it. Cannibal Cuisine is a cooking simulation arcade game with added combat features that allow for a fun and unique experience. This eccentric and engrossing game is available for PC and Nintendo Switch.

The game takes inspiration from the much-enjoyed cooking game, Overcooked, but with a fresh twist that incorporates cannibalism into the mix, as the game title suggests. It is surely not for the wimpish, but owing to its deceivingly innocent style, which is rather cartoony, the players may initially miss out on the dark humor/theme of the game before setting out to play it out. The gory actions, which would have otherwise seemed horrifying in real life, are substantially cut down by the comical characters and the arcade-style combat actions.

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Cannibal Cuisine gameplay

Cannibal Cuisine involves cooking and cannabilism, where you (as the player) have to cook up delicacies and serve them to the God Hoochooboo in the Cannibal Island, unless you want to be served, instead. The whole process may not be as simple as it looks because the ingredients won't be provided to you on a platter; you will have to combat against unsuspecting tourists that you come across, kill them, and chop them along with your freshly gathered fruits and vegetables. Luckily, the island is fully infested with tourists, and there is no lack of cooking ingredients. All you need is to harness your arcade combat skills and upgrade your culinary skills, and not forgetting the voodoo powers that non-rationally allow you to breathe fire into your grill to speed up the cooking process, or to dash around when you need to quickly cover small gaps.

It is a co-op game where you can team up with up to four other players, either locally or online, and work together to come up with the perfect exotic dishes that will appeal to the island god. You can also opt to play solo or the PvP mode, where you will be set up against other players. The multiplayer mode could be more efficient in bringing out the desired results, with each player performing a specific role/task and forming a coherent body working towards a common goal.

How to stay in the game and cook up the most fitting dishes?

With all the hurly-burly activities that go around within the team or against the opposite party, as can also be observed in real-life kitchen scenarios, time is also of the essence. You have to figure out ways to efficiently gather your ingredients and deliver a timely dish. But the problem doesn't end there as you have to anticipate how Hoochooboo would react to your dish. If you come up with a satisfyingly good dish, then you could expect to receive a good rating on your masterpiece by the god himself.

To make things more complicated, there is your health that you need to consider as well. As you keep combating against those tourists, who don't easily succumb to your attacks without putting up a fight, your health level goes down with each fight. You can either choose to let your engine die off or replenish your health by consuming the very delicacies that you made with the chopped up human parts.

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Is Cannibal Cuisine worth playing?

If the thought of killing and cooking up people after combating them, or worse, eating them, doesn't gross you out, then this game might turn out to be a fun and interesting experience for you. With the increasing complexities with each level, you will be sure to find out that it is more than just killing unaware tourists, cooking, and serving them to a higher deity, who is not an easy one to please.

You can watch the official Cannibal Cuisine trailer and see for yourself what the game might entail once you get yourself involved in it. You could be in for a lot more surprises, as you advance across vast tropical expanses of the jungle, beaches, and so on. If the whole game concept piques your interest, it is undoubtedly worth checking out. You can get a copy of the game and find out if your palate can handle the bloodthirsty combat scenes or the savory taste of human flesh cooked with several other exotic ingredients.

Game Trailer

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