Blind Date: Just Who Are The Indie Buskers?


A few days ago, a mysterious group of indie developers announced their presence to the world. They called themselves the Indie Buskers but hid their identities and their purpose. They were busking for game ideas and they claimed to be fairly well-known indie developers, so we could only make estimates as to who they were and what they were planning. We found out that their identities will be revealed tonight! However, we couldn’t miss an opportunity for a Blind Date!

We proposed the idea to them and the buskers were up for it – the only thing we were missing was Cilla Black. So with a lorra imagination, we can pretend Cilla is somehow hosting our little blind date with these developers. So without further ado, let’s ask some questions of these buskers and see if you can work out who they are!



IGM: Hello to all of you lovely Buskers! How are you all feeling?

Busker#1: Ok, but a little warmer than I like, who invited spring?

Busker#2: Tired! I tweeted strange game ideas until deep in the night, and I vividly dreamt of them.

Busker#3: Mighty fine!

Busker#4: Feeling pretty good. The project has been getting some surprisingly good response so far! Some people seem to think that we’re some sort of scam though, but I’m glad the rest haven’t figured that out yet.

Busker#5: Quite dandy!


IGM: As you’re buskers, what is your best busking technique?

Busker#1: Just put the crown on the bus, but if you don’t use good glue it will fall off.

Busker#2: I’m pretty good at tapping nervously.

Busker#3: Working without pants!

Busker#4: I play Roy Orbison’s “Oh, Pretty Woman” whenever a lady walks by. Works every time! Also, since about half of the people walking by are women, I rarely even need to switch songs!

Busker#5: I find that towering over people and generally being handsome will cause people to throw money my way, naturally.


IGM: Currently you’re busking for game ideas – what is the craziest game idea that you have heard so far?

Busker#1: I’m currently thinking “A game where you enchant clothing to fight for you” is a pretty crazy but cool suggestion.

Busker#2: Some game ideas were about websites that just want a game idea from you – now that’s crazy talk I say.

Busker#3: “The tickets are now diamonds. Now figure out how to get into the concert.”

Busker#4: Well, some of them are creepy, and some of them are weird. This one’s a bit of both: “A physics game, exploring the dynamics of people smeared with various liquid foods.”

Busker#5: “A game where you are this really fast blue hedgehog running through loops and picking up rings n shit.” Like that would ever work…


IGM: One of our favorite things to do is walk along sandy beaches with the wind in our hair. What is your favorite thing to do?

Busker#1: Sleep, sleeping is awesome. I totally recommend it if you haven’t tried it yet.

Busker#2: That’s my favourite activity, too! We should meet!

Busker#3: Walking along on a windy beach with sand in my hair!

Busker#4: Well, there aren’t a lot of beaches around here, but I do like walking down an empty street at night when everything is silent and there are no cars around.

Busker#5: Making games I guess…no wait! Running into crowds of pigeons. It’s such a thrill!


IGM: Some people seem to think that one of you may be Notch, what do you have to say that?

Busker#1: Oh, I’m totally Notch.

Busker#2: But I’m not-ch!

Busker#3: I’m totally Notch!

Busker#4: We’re all Notches in our hearts.

Busker#5: Notch is me and I am Notch.


IGM: If you were all monsters, and you may be, what kind of monster would you be?

Busker#1: Cookie Monster, only instead of cookies, it’s children’s souls.

Busker#2: I would be a monster by day, and a monster hunter by night.

Busker#3: I’d be chuppacabra because I love salami! Oh, wait….

Busker#4: I think I’d be a big furry one, like a giant monster wolf, or a luckdragon.

Busker#5: Anything with some form of wings. We’re talking big spans and intimidating flapping noises here, none of that pixie crap.


IGM: When we’re not thinking about indie games, sometimes it’s nice to partake in an extreme sport. What is the most extreme thing you have done?

Busker#1: One time I cleared an 8-set of stairs on a skateboard, did it without much landing space either.

Busker#2: I once picked my nose with two fingers at once!

Busker#3: What is this ‘sports’ you speak of? Of the extreme things – I can bend my little finger without bending the other ones! (no, you can’t!)

Busker#4: I once fit my own fist in my mouth. I guess that’s more weird than extreme though.

Busker#5: Watched daytime TV. Seriously, have you seen what they put on? It’s horrifying.


IGM: Let’s just say that you were going to meet a member of a royal family tomorrow. How would you prepare for such a situation?

Busker#1: A better question is how THEY would have to prepare, though it’s irrelevant, I’d still win the fight.

Busker#2: I’d actually wear pants for that day, I guess.

Busker#3: I would bring all my proposal rings with me! Trial and error!

Busker#4: I think I’d go get a haircut. Maybe put some pants on.

Busker#5: Oh gosh, um, brush my teeth?


IGM: Where’s the best place you have been to so far this year?

Busker#1: Went by the river in town, it was pretty cool, there were swans and stuff and it wasn’t raining.

Busker#2: A dream in which I was a pretty princess, tee hee.

Busker#3: Outside! It was really fun and I should do that again!

Busker#4: Well, Global Game Jam isn’t exactly a place, but that was a really cool and fun event. It was held in this building downtown here in Tampere that used to be a textile factory. They hold all sorts of cool events there, so I suppose that’s the coolest place I’ve been to this year.

Busker#5: There’s this kitten sanctuary nearby and I nearly died of cuteness overload.


IGM: What can you see to your immediate left right now?

Busker#1: Drying laundry!

Busker#2: Colored pencils, and a loaded gun. Actually I lied, the pencils are all loaded guns.

Busker#3: A guitar, a telescope, rollerskates, a grappling hook, a ghetto blaster, a tesla coil, a bunch of 5.25″ floppies, pacman board game, a PSP, shoelaces, squished fly. Man, you made me realise I need to clean up.

Busker#4: I can see my laptop. No windows open on it, but the wallpaper is a screenshot of a game I made. Further behind it I can see a box of Magic cards, and behind that, some empty pizza boxes.

Busker#5: A computer screen showcasing some amazing computer graphics…no wait, that’s outside.


IGM: Tell us something about yourself that no one else knows.

Busker#1: Sometimes, I get urges to bite people, but I figure people taste gross, so I don’t do it.

Busker#2: The guns aren’t loaded.

Busker#3: I eat a hot-dog each Friday!

Busker#4: I sleep face down on my stomach.

Busker#5: I will take over the world shortly.


IGM: What is your favorite type of game to make? How about to play?

Busker#1: To make: anything with a character/thing to control of some kind and world to explore, to play: anything that rhymes with ‘dress mess hex’.

Busker#2: I like making small games that are unusual, somewhat novel and innovative. I often start by taking an existing concept and adding a twist to it, and that twist must be very important to the game. The games I create must extend the definition of games, they must redefine the whole medium. If I would produce things that were done before I’d just feel hollow.
Oh, and I only play first person shooters.

Busker#3: One with lots of blood and guts flying everywhere!

Busker#4: I like many sorts of games a lot. I think right now, I’m going to say turn-based strategy to both questions.

Busker#5: Something simple but with lots of depth for both answers.


IGM: Thank you for asking our questions you lovely buskers! What’s the best type of farewell?

Busker#1: Secret goodbye kiss: peck the left cheek, punch the right cheek full strength. That pain is a reminder of me!

Busker#2: Uhm, a goodbye?

Busker#3: Sex.

Busker#4: An awkward one where you have a real proper farewell, and then the car breaks down and you’re stuck there for another hour waiting for a mechanic.

Busker#5: A German one of course.


I suppose now we have to choose which one of those lovely buskers we want to date, hmm? Well, we couldn’t possibly decide, plus, if we wait just a few more hours we’ll actually know who they are!

For now we’re going to have to keep guessing. Any ideas people?

Make sure to keep an eye over on the official Indie Buskers website as everything is revealed to the world!

Valuing gameplay and innovation over everything, Chris has a keen eye for the most obscure titles unknown to man and gets a buzz from finding fantastic games that are not getting enough love. Chris Priestman, Editor-in-Chief of IGM

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