‘Gateways’ Is Definitely Not Portal…But It Is A Lot Like It


It’s not Portal, not Portal, not Portal, not Portal, not Portal. Smudged Cat Games have announced their new 2D side-scrolling game Portal! DAMMIT! Okay so Smudged Cat’s new 2D side-scrolling platformer Gateways is not Portal, but it’s very much like 2D Portal therefore basically making it Portal…in 2D.

The very precariously named Gateways may seem like Portal in every way but it does seem just as clever in its copy-cat gameplay and by jove there is no denying that the trailer made by brain knot. But before you scroll down to the trailer after knowing that it turned me into a toast-munching zombie, you should be made aware of what the game is all about. Oh wait a minute…it’s basically Portal in 2D, oh and it will be coming to the Xbox 360 and PC. On with the brain farting!

More information on Gateways can be found on the game’s official website.

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