Multiplayer Modes Just Revealed As ‘Frozen Hearth’ Approaches Release

Frozen Hearth Skirmish
Frozen Hearth base

Today more information has come to light about the highly anticipated new RTS from Immanitas Entertainment and Epiphany Games.

Frozen Hearth throws the player into the middle of a war being waged between Danaan and the ice demons known as the Shangur. The campaign seems to have a great story and running over three acts it covers 20 mission all of which can be played in co-op.

Frozen Hearth Skirmish

This should already provide a rather substantial game in its own right, however Epiphany Games have decided to develop a full and varied multiplayer. Going all out on the multiplayer aspect of Frozen Hearth. Epiphany Games have came up with five game modes currently announced there is substantial variety.

The last game I can remember that put in so many game modes into an RTS was Age Of Empires II – one of my all time favourite games. So seeing so many options in Frozen Hearth really does fill me with much joy. Be sure to check out the latest trailer below:

The first mode is the standard “Skirmish” mode. This follows the same lines as any other RTS and is just a battle for domination. The rest are maybe a little alien to many gamers, but are as follows:

  • Attrition – Players begin the match with a set number of tickets. Tickets are lost whenever a unit is killed. The first player to drop to zero tickets or loses their stronghold loses.
  • Assassination – Each player has a special character which they must protect. The first player to have their avatar killed X times or destruction of their stronghold will lose.
  • King Of The Hill – Very much in a similar way to in FPS games players must dominate the strategic points spread over the map. Once on player owns over 50% for the defined time limit will win.
  • Crucible – Taking a great deal of influence from Dota-Likes Crucible will pit teams of 4 or 2 against an equivalent team. The goal is to take all the opponents towers down and destroy their stronghold.
Frozen Hearth Releases just over the horizon

I’m becoming ever more impressed with the team over at Epiphany Games they continue to just add so much great content into Frozen Hearth. If you love RTS games I am sure you will get much fun out of Frozen Hearth when it’s released at the end of this month (November 29th) for $24.99.

If you like the idea of Frozen Hearth help get it onto Steam via the Greenlight here. Find out more on the official Frozen Hearth site here.

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