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Metroidvania-style SOURCE Heads to Kickstarter

(CAUTION: SOURCE contains bright lights and flashing objects, and can potentially cause light-induced seizures. This article contains a video of the gameplay in action, so those with a history of epilepsy or light-induced seizures may..

Heart Forth, Alicia Has Arrived On Kickstarter

Do you like Metroidvania style games? Do you also happen to like games that look like they are straight out of the ‘90s? Then Heart Forth, Alicia might just be everything you have been looking..

Flying Hamster II Flies Onto Kickstarter

Back in 2010, Game Atelier released a game known as Flying Hamster, and now they are back with the sequel: Flying Hamster II: Knight of the Golden Seed. It is an action-adventure game with both platforming..

Storium – A Revolution In Story Crafting

Now on Kickstarter, Storium is a revolutionary new online storytelling game that allows three players to work together to create any story imaginable. It’s a powerful and versatile story crafting tool where one player acts as..