12 Minutes

12 Minutes, An Interactive Thriller Indie Game, Is Finally Releasing Worldwide in 2020

Have you ever felt stuck in a loop? Ever felt that your life is a complete routine devoid of anything new? Have you ever felt like all your life you’ll keep doing the same thing every day? Does that scare you? Now, imagine yourself getting stuck in that time loop, but this time, it is not a daily boring routine; you are reliving the same 12 minutes of your life again and again. And what is more harrowing is that someone killed you in the span of those 12 minutes and now you have to relive watching your death every 12 minutes. Every time reality resets, you are killed again.

Developed by Nomada Interactive, 12 Minutes is an interactive thriller indie game that has been in the pipeline for many years and has been a highly anticipated game for quite some time now. Finally, the stellar indie game is releasing worldwide in 2020. The unique theme of the game has created quite a buzz in the gaming world all over the globe. The game has been announced as the Best Indie Game of E3 2019 in the Game Critics Award and also received the Gold Winner title in Clio Awards.

The game is exceptionally haunting and drives a high level of thrill. From the reliving of the same haunting moment again and again to trying to realize what is going on and then breaking the loop and saving lives, 12 Minutes packs a powerful, thrilling punch for anyone looking to blow their minds away. If you think you can break the time loop and save a life all while getting stuck in the same time loop again and again, then you need to try out 12 Minutes as soon as it releases. The game is expected to be released sometime in mid-2020.

The harrowing reality of watching your own death in a time loop

You have planned a romantic evening with your wife. Great food and memories are expecting you for dinner. You have been busy at work for long, and finally, have the time and mind space to spend quality time with your wife. The evening has been going good so far, and you wish you are never taken away from your loving wife. Life seems great to you at the moment, and you wish nothing changes, ever. You are happy and blissful and want these moments etched in your memory forever. You don’t think that something bad could ever happen. And that is when the inevitable happens.

Someone is pounding at your front door, demanding to be let in. You do not understand who it could be at this hour of the night. You get up to check it out, and there is a police detective at your door. And then everything weird happens in under 12 minutes. The police detective comes barging into your house, accusing your wife of having murdered someone. Things start getting worse when the police detective starts beating and thrashing you. You try to save yourself, but the police detective is too strong for you to take on. The police detective eventually beats you to death.

Seems like weird gameplay, doesn’t it? You weren’t able to defend yourself, and you are dead now. What could you possibly do now? But that is where the thrill begins. You awaken to find yourself in the same moment right before the police detective beat you to death. Everything that led to your death a few minutes ago happens again. You keep dying and awakening, slowly realizing that you are stuck in a time loop. You relive the entire sequence of events that happened in the 12 minutes time span. And that is now the reality of your existence.

Break the time loop and save yourself

Do you want to keep reliving the horrible 12 minutes again and again, or do you think you have the power in you to break the time loop? Will you be able to realize what is going on with you and be able to do something about it? Would you be able to prevent yourself from dying at the hands of the brutal police detective, or has your destiny of death been set in stone? Only time will tell whether you can break the time loop and save yourself from living the same terrifying 12 minutes all your life.

This crazily addictive and thrilling indie game is almost done with development and is just receiving a few of its finishing touches. The game is set to release worldwide in 2020.

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