20 Indie Games We Can’t Wait to Welcome in 2020

Indie games are fast growing in popularity. These games created by individual developers and small companies are giving the big companies a run for their money. The gaming world today is seeing many Indie games entering the fray with their offerings. New games are being released regularly, and there are many upcoming games expected in 2020. The top 20 Indie games that are worth waiting for are presented in this article. Make sure you get these games when they release; you are sure to have many hours of enjoyment.

1. Mineko’s Night Market

This simulation game from Meowza is where you play the role of Mineko shifting to a new home on an island. There are many secrets awaiting you on the island that features cats. A well-defined storyline is the highlight of this game. There are explorations to be done as you need to look around the island, and, at the same time, breed cats, craft different items, and manage a shop.

2. Backbone

In Backbone, you play the role of Howard Lator, a raccoon who is also a detective. The game is set in Vancouver and involves searching for clues to solve cases. The game is developed by Eggnut, and the demo is already released. There is a marked storyline in the game with dialogues to help you find clues. This is definitely one of the games of 2020 that you can look forward to playing.

3. Bloodroots

If a blood-filled combat game is what you were looking for, then this game is the best one for 2020. You are Wolf, a lumberjack. You need to move at high speeds, looking for various things, and using them as weapons to take on your enemy. Paper Cult’s new game is an overhead-view melee game that you will enjoy if you like games of this genre.

4. Spelunky 2

Spelunky was a successful game from Blitworks. The sequel brings to play the same game mechanics in a 2D platform game involving cave exploration. You need to find treasure, take on enemies, all the while taking care to avoid being caught. There are many characters and treasures awaiting you in this game. This is a game that you will enjoy for sure.

5. 12 Minutes

12 Minutes from Annapurna Interactive is a suspense-filled game. Your romantic evening with your wife becomes a nightmare when a policeman charges inside and beats you to death. The game then keeps repeating in 12-minute loops. It is up to you to find out how to break the loop and get out of this situation. 12 Minutes is a truly innovative game to play.

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6. Lightmatter

Lightmatter from Tunnel Vision games is an innovative game that blends in different elements. It involves first-person combat blended with puzzles. The concept of this game envisages the player having to avoid the shadows. This new game will be free to play for the first one hour. It is an upcoming game that should be interesting.

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7. Please, Touch the Artwork

Studio Waterzooi has developed this game that they describe as a color puzzle game. There are many art templates that are featured in the game. It is a different kind of game where the aim is to educate the player on modern art and art history. This is done through many color puzzles that you have to solve.

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8. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Devolver Digital is coming out with a multiplayer game where you have to challenge the laws of physics to come out successfully. There are many obstacles and enemies that you have to go through to achieve your objectives. There are many challenges, and you need to focus on moving ahead to the next level. An interesting game that game-lovers can wait for.

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9. Sable

Sable from ShedWorks is a story of discovery, where the lead character is on a journey in an alien planet. The game is all about your exploration on the planet, where you learn more about the planet. The highlight of this game is the vibrant environment that serves as the backdrop.

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10. The Suicide of Rachel Foster

This game from One-O-Gone is a murder mystery full of scares. A woman returns to the hotel that her family once owned and finds ghosts of various kinds there. The scary hotel, the events that occur there, and subsequent events are what you can look forward to in this game.

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11. Wayward Strand

Wayward Strand is the story of a teenage girl who is in a unique hospital that is airborne. As the lead character, you need to explore the hospital and uncover the secrets of the hospital. The interactive story game uses dialogues as an essential part of the gameplay. There are stories that each of the patients narrates that makes the game more interesting.

12. Before We Leave

Before We Leave is a game that belongs to the builder genre. The game from Balancing Monkey involves rebuilding a society that is struggling with the after-effects of an apocalypse. You need to bring together players, collect resources, learn new skills again, and rebuild all that was lost. This is a strategy game minus the violence.

13. Carrion

Carrion from Devolver Digital is a game of the horror genre. You are controlling a deadly monster in this game that has escaped from a military facility. The creature runs amuck, destroying humans, and growing in power by leaps and bounds. As you proceed in the game, you will gain more powers and will be involved in more action. It is an immersive horror game that breaks new boundaries.

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14. Best Friend Forever

Starcolt is expected to release this game on Valentine’s day in 2020. This is a romantic game where dog lovers come together to look for love. Since it is about dog lovers, you would have understood that the game is all about dogs. You need to raise a dog, take care of it by feeding it, and taking it for a walk. You meet other dog lovers and date them. A unique game that blends dating and dog care.

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15. Moving Out

Moving Out is a moving game from Indie developer SMG Studio. It is a simulator game where you become a FART. No, it is not what you think it is! FART is a Furniture Arrangement and a Relocation Technician. You and your friends are in the moving business and help people move. You need to move furniture across different locations. These are not standard locations but involve hazardous environments. Your job is to ensure you get everything moved and loaded on to your truck. This is a co-operative game involving action and simulation.

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16. Elk

Triple Topping, a Copenhagen-based company, is offering this 2D animated game. The game looks like a children’s TV show. Don’t be confused that this is a kid’s game. There is an interesting storyline that makes the game fun to play. The game plot and story are focused on events that are inspired by real-life. There are different emotions that come about in the game. There are many situations involving moral quandaries. You will come across many characters as you move ahead. Each of the characters has a story to narrate. You play a carpenter who has to adjust to life in an isolated place with no internet.

17. In Other Waters

Jump Over the Age is an Indie developer who has brought out this game. It is an exploration game with an alien ocean being the object of your explorations. Expected to release in spring, your role in the game is to help a xenobiologist who is exploring the ocean and trying to learn more about it. You have an entire ocean to explore to find new areas. There are conversations and side quests that bring in different dimensions to the game. You can get to know different forms of alien life.

18. Rawmen

Rawmen is a game from ANIMAL LLC. This is a third-person game where you are a food fighter. There are many battle modes where you play and compete with friends using unique weapons that are all based on food themes. All the superweapons are fueled by food.

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19. Luna: The Shadow Dust

Lantern Studio is the developer behind Luna, the forthcoming game. The game involves several puzzles that need to be completed to move ahead. This is a point-and-click game that uses traditional animation. There are a variety of unique puzzles to complete this adventure game.

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20. Saturnalia

Saturnalia is a survival adventure game from Horrible Guild. This is a horror adventure where you get to play as different characters in an isolated village. There is an ancient ritual in the village that brings in elements of horror. The game is all about exploring the village and getting out without losing your life.

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