Distinctly Regrettable Eventualities: An Absurd Dinner Party Game

Absurdity is a common feature of many video games. There’s the Goat Simulator that allows players to follow a simulated goat that headbutts and licks things. Then there’s Mister Mosquito, where you play a devious and persistent mosquito intent on drinking blood. And of course, who can forget the crazy Seaman – a game about a fish that has a human face.

Joining these games in their craziness, silliness, and fun is a brand new video game developed by UK-based veteran video game designer, Joseph Cunningham. The game, entitled, Distinctly Regrettable Eventualities, is a game that focuses on putting players through the most ridiculous and grueling of events.

Still in the development stage, Distinctly Regrettable Eventualities is expected to be released at the annual Gamer Network’s EGX video game trade fair in 2020.

A party and its consequences

Distinctly Regrettable Eventualities is a fun, crazy, and downright weird game that is set in a house party.

Players take on the role of the gorgeous, mysterious, and ambitious woman, Amalia Verstadt, who wants to make it big in the neighborhood’s social circle. Driven by her quest to become the Head of the Town Council, Amalia knows that a timely (and well-hosted) party will do wonders for her social capital.

The game starts off with you – as Amalia – getting ready for a party you’re hosting. The food is ready, drinks are set, and the house is all cleaned and decked-up to receive guests. Like any excellent hostess, you are determined to fulfill your guests’ every single wish.

And this is where the problem starts.

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Complications arrive

Guests arrive at your home in batches. Very descriptive and beautiful introductions of each character are displayed on the screen as they knock on your door. These descriptions tell you how important each attendee is to Amalia’s quest for social success. The higher their importance, the more committed you’ll need to be to complete their every wish. To win the game, you must ensure that every single guest gets exactly what they ask for, and they leave the party very happy with your attention and service.

Each character is voiced by a different person, giving them a realistic personality. The game offers highly authentic interactions between characters, and you can talk to (and must answer questions posed by) the guests in your home.

At the start of the video game, players must make sure they keep their guests supplied with food and drink. There’s a dashboard on the side of the screen, where you can see how much food or beverage is remaining in a guest’s plate/glass. You use the dashboard controls to top them up whenever they’re low.

While things start out smooth initially – with requests about refills of food and wine – everything changes as guests start getting drunk. Then requests like “Tear out all the red flowers from your garden,” “Throw the flower vases at the wall,” and “Repaint your house completely in green” make their way to you.

Your job (the player’s) is to make sure that Amalia completes each of these absurd requests in the shortest amount of time possible. Slow down or fail to complete them, and you’ll be left with an angry guest who storms out of your party. This can lead to a loss in points/progress.

As time passes, these requests and eventualities get weirder, and progressively, more dangerous. Unruly guests start fires; others create slipping and tripping hazards. Drinks spill, and objects get flung. Vases and bottles are smashed, and paint boxes are overturned. To add salt to injury, a rude guest publicly criticizes your home decorating skills.

Soon, you realize some of the guests are trying to burgle you. You’ll need to be in multiple places at once to keep an eye on their antics. Things take a turn for the worse as death comes knocking. Murder or accident? There’s no time to find out. You need to keep your guests safe from harm while you attend to your crazy guests at a party that’s spiraling out-of-control.

Can you steer clear of disasters?

Distinctly Regrettable Eventualities is a super engaging game that’s very likely to increase your blood pressure. Players need to juggle numerous guests and their absurd expectations. Fail to do so, and you’ll have to deal with the nasty eventualities.

At its worst, this game is the most frustrating thing to ever happen to you. But, at its best, it helps you discover how ingenious you are at planning a party, managing unruly people, and finding the most brilliant solutions to the most outlandish of problems.

Distinctly Regrettable Eventualities is currently getting its final touches. Keep your eyes peeled for its release.

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