Do You Like Playing Through Dark Rooms and Tunnels? You Must Play Carrion for Sure

About the game

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Horror movies and games are favorites for most people, except for those who are scared of this genre. A horror game typically involves the main character(s) escaping from horrifying monsters or ghouls. The objective of a horror game is for the lead character(s) to save their lives and kill evil beings to win. This is the theme of the horror genre. Have you ever wondered how it would be if you were on the other side? If such a thought had occurred to you, then Carrion is the game for you to play. Carrion is a reverse horror game from popular game developers Devolver Digital.

A reverse horror game is where you, as the game player, get to be the horror creator, instead of the victim. Yes! This is a unique game where you are the monster who spreads havoc and fear among everyone, making people flee for their lives. As a monster, your mission is to eat people and other objects so that you can grow. The game is one with a lot of blood and gore as you unleash your dark side on your victims. Right now, the developers have released a preview, and the game release is expected sometime in 2020.

Game plot and storyline

Carrion starts with you as an alien monster imprisoned in a lab. As the gamer controlling the monster, you need to play from the monster’s perspective. For this, you need to be ready to embark on a journey of violence and evil. The monster has been kept in the custody of scientists who are studying it. You need to start the game by breaking out of the lab. The monster has many tentacles, and they need to be used to create terror in the minds of everyone in the lab.

You need strength and mass to be able to escape. You need food for this. You will get food by eating up scientists and other people you encounter. There are many objects that you can consume to gain mass and strength. As you grow in size, you gain power and can carry out many actions. The game is not an ‘eat everything you see’ kind. For some activities, excess weight may be a hindrance, and you may have to expel some mass.

Since you are going to destroy things and kill people, you can expect a lot of violence. There is going to be plenty of blood-letting in the game. This makes the game not very suitable for children. Since the game is not yet released, the rating is not clear. It is most likely a game for adults. The game puts you in the role of the predator looking for prey. It allows you to unleash your dark side.

The gameplay


The monster you control has many tentacles. The main aspect of the gameplay is to control all these tentacles. It is not going to be easy since there are so many. The tentacles would grab whatever it finds. Initial gameplay is spent on understanding how to use the tentacles. You will need to kill scientists and guards. You need to escape armed guards who are ready with flamethrowers to burn you alive.

You need to creep and waddle your way through dark tunnels and rooms to escape. The game has a huge map, and you need to explore it all as you try to escape. The game has interesting features, like impersonation, where you can take over a human and impersonate him. Picking up new powers, fighting with armed guards, using webbing like Spiderman, and even becoming invisible are features of gameplay that will make this game a great one to play.

Features of Carrion

Source: Devolver Digital website (Media assets)

Carrion has the following features that make it so different:

  • Carrion is a reverse horror game, where you take the role of a monster and create chaos in a lab.
  • The game is in the preview stage and is expected to be released by the end of 2020.
  • Carrion uses pixelated graphics. This is good as it reduces the blood and gore.
  • The game is all about using the monster’s tentacles to break free, kill people and eat them up, and escape.
  • Humans will do their best to destroy the monster, and you need to save yourself.
  • An exciting option is the ability of the monster to take over a human and impersonate them.

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