Great Indie Card Games to Try The Next Time You’re Feeling Bored

Playing cards is a favorite pastime for many. Computer-based card games became popular thanks to Solitaire. Since then, there have been many online card games with different features that are interesting and fun to play. Card games have evolved and moved beyond the playing deck of cards. Card games have new features, new games, new strategies, and bring in different genres. Indie card games are those developed by indie developers or small companies. These games are innovative and enjoyable for all game lovers.

The best indie card games

The best indie card games have been listed out for you. There are a variety of games for you to choose from. You can choose to play traditional card games or choose innovative variations. Each of these games has unique elements that make it different from the other. You are sure to enjoy hours of gameplay as you sample all these games. Have a great experience playing these games.

1. KARDS – the WWII card game

KARDS is an Indie card game from 1939 games. This is a strategy card game that allows you to build a card collection of vintage World War II cards. The game involves battlefield tactics that you need to use and challenge your opponents. The war game can be played on all arenas – sea, air, and land. Defeat your opponent in the game and win cards. There are special daily missions to complete. The game has many interesting features, and the best part is that they are all free. The game has infantry, artillery, tanks, and aircraft for you to use as part of your strategy. You can play this game as any of the great powers of that era.

2. Shadowhand – RPG card game

Shadowhand from Grey Alien Games blends the traditional card game with an RPG experience. The game has Solitaire-style game along with combat actions. The game is set in the late 18th century in England and features Lady Cornelia, who took on the identity of a highwaywoman. The game spans 20 chapters, each of which has interesting gameplay elements and narratives. There are more than 150 levels of entertaining gameplay. Set in different locations and using a variety of weapons, battle with villainous outlaws, and collect money. The game has mystery and AI opponents. Build your card deck to win this enjoyable game.

3. War of Omens card game

War of Omens is a card builder game where you need to use combat skills, along with strategies, to achieve your goal. The game features a dark fantasy setting, where you need to battle different factions to win. You can play in the story mode and follow the storyline while playing along. You can even choose the online ladder option to play this interesting game. You can choose to head any of the powerful factions in the game. There are 20 different heroes in the game. Earn cards through gameplay and build your deck. You are sure to enjoy the exquisite artwork in this free-to-play card game.

4. Cat Lady – The Card Game

Cat Lady is a card game from Nomad games where you need to attract cats to visit your cattery. It is a card collection game with cute graphics that would be enjoyed by cat lovers. There are different cats and costumes to choose from in the game. Dress your cats well, feed them so that they are happy, and earn points. How you maintain your cattery determines the result of the game. If you run out of food, you lose points. If you are running short of points, look for strays to adopt who can help you earn points. You can play against the game AI or online opponents. It involves short games that you can complete in a few minutes, making you want to play more. You keep adding points, and the player who has the most points wins the game. It is a great game for people of all ages to play.

5. Dresden Files Co-operative card game

This card game developed by Hidden Achievements brings the popular Dresden files novels to your computer screen. You can take the role of Harry Dresden and his friends and solve the various cases from the Dresden Files. The highlight of the game is the various what-if scenarios you encounter. You can revisit all the five novels in the series when you play this game. There is also a scenario generator game as a bonus. The game can be played by one to five players and is a co-operative game rated 13+. The game duration is 30 minutes. There are many expansions in the game that you are sure to enjoy.

6. Infinity Wars: Trading card game

Infinity Wars is an interesting trading game where you build your collection to create the perfect card deck and trade with friends. There are more than 800 animated cards in the game with eight different factions in it. You head one of the factions and need to use both defense and attack to win the game. Protect your fortress from enemy attack and then give it back to the enemy with all you have. The game requires a strategy to win as you use your commander to help you achieve victory. This is a free-to-play game with 21 different missions in it to make it all the more interesting.

7. Slay the Spire

Mega Crit Games offers Slay the Spire, a single-player card game where you get to combat with all kinds of bizarre creatures. You need to build a deck in the game from among the available cards and complete the game objective of slaying the spire. Select from among four characters to play the game. As you play along the game, you come across relics to add to your collections. These relics add power to your gameplay, but note that getting the relics is not easy. There are hundreds of cards available for you in the game. Use these cards in the right way to defeat your enemies and make good progress in the game. Slaying the Spire involves taking a different route each time and taking on different enemies. There are more than 50 events that make the game more interesting. Daily climb missions are available to help you match up to the best players anywhere in the world.

8. Classic Card Games 3D

Bufo Project brings 15 of the best-loved classic card games for you to enjoy. These are traditional card games where you play with the all-familiar deck of cards. There are no missions, strategies, or characters; these are pure card games. Rummy, Gin Rummy, Canasta, Thirty One or Hearts, and other such games can be enjoyed in this collection. For those who like casino games, the best of this genre is available in the form of Poker and Blackjack. There are rule variations available to make the game more interesting. The AI gives you levels of difficulty to challenge you, allowing you many hours of gameplay. If you love card games, don’t miss this collection that includes games like Video Poker, Skat, Sixty Six, Bavarian Schafkopf, Doppelkopf, Twenty One, Hearts, and Crazy Eights.

9. Creature Card Idle

Creature Card Idle from Fordesoft is an idler game blended with card trading elements. The game allows you to generate gold from your cards. The game is all about using your grid in an optimal way to arrange your cards. Arranging these cards gives you valuable resources. You can then spend the resources on new cards with enhanced capabilities. Having won many awards, this game has deep mechanics, giving you multiple deck possibilities. As per the developer, it is 100% strategic idler and 0% clicker. With the option of cloud saves, you can play on without worrying about saving game progress. The feature of zero ads is a highlight of this game. An innovative game that must be tried out.

10. Card Quest


Card Quest is brought to you by Indie games developer WinterSpring Games. The game brings together card combat with an adventure game involving dungeon crawling. There are different character types to choose from. You can either be a hunter, a rogue, a fighter, or a wizard. Selecting any of these characters allows you to enjoy the game in a different gameplay style. If you choose a rogue, you can turn him into an assassin. If you choose a fighter, you can upgrade him to be a deadly Paladin. Use your characters to defeat the 25 different game bosses and you can unlock new items in the game. There are multiple collectibles for you to get that make the game all the more challenging. The dungeon element in the game takes you across 12 different areas with dark dungeons that could either have treasures or dangers ahead.

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