How is the Indie game 7th Sector Likely to Fare in 2020?

About the game

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7th Sector is a game designed by Russian Indie developer Носков Сергей (Sergei Noskov), who made the popular game 35 MM. This is a science-fiction game available on all gaming platforms. ‘Sometimes You’ has published the game. The game has many puzzles that make it interesting. You need to solve the puzzles to move ahead in the game. Your logical skills, as well as the Maths you learned at school, will help you ace this game.

You play this game as the lead character – the ghost of a robot. The obtuse game design is one of the striking features of this game. There are no instructions, tutorials, or guidelines to tell you what to do. This can be frustrating as you may have no idea what to do. This aspect makes the game challenging. Once you figure out what to do, you end up happy with what you have achieved. The game has many such puzzles throughout.

Game plot and storyline

The game starts with a television screen with static on it. You can see a robot inside the screen. Your first puzzle involves working out how to get the robot out. The game starts once you clear this hurdle. What happens next is different and interesting. Once you get the robot out, you find that it is the ghost of a robot in the form of an electric spark. The rest of the game focuses on this spark. You need to move the spark along cables moving through the game storyline.

There is a linear flow in the storyline. You need to complete puzzles one after the other to move ahead in the game. The game can be played for at least seven hours, making it a challenging and engrossing one. There is even a chapter called Physics in the game, where you need to use your knowledge of Physics to solve puzzles. As you move along the game and clear all the chapters, you will reach the conclusion. There is a ‘Matrix’ kind of conclusion awaiting you at the end.

The gameplay


The gameplay involves controlling the ghostly robotic spark. Before you do that, you need to solve the first puzzle where you have to bring the robot spirit out of the television. You need to use unconventional logic to do it. The rest of the gameplay involves controlling the spark. The only help you will get is on using the game controls. The rest is up to you. Understanding the puzzle, figuring out what to do, and then cracking it forms the rest of the game.

As you move the spark ahead, you to have to take it through wires and into electrical devices. When you move along, you will notice a story going on. You need to understand the story where you get to know about the conflict between robots and humans that has been going on. There are a variety of puzzles in the game. Some are very simple and ask you to solve basic Math problems; others are not so straightforward. There are Physics problems and logic problems. The problems will challenge you, make you scratch your head, and frustrate you. In the end, when you crack, it you will have a smile on your face, satisfied with the results of your work.

For those who have no patience, there are internet walkthroughs that may help you. The attraction of this game is to come out with out-of-the-box solutions to crack the puzzles. Towards the end, you gain control of a robotic ball with guns, and you need to fight your way out. The conclusion is worth all the effort you put in.

Features of 7th Sector

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These are the features of 7th Sector that make it such a different game:

  • The Indie game is a science-fiction game, where you are literally a spark moving along cables and devices, as you play the game.
  • The game is full of puzzles, and you get no instructions to solve them. This makes the game extremely challenging.
  • You need to think a lot and even think out of the box to solve the puzzles.
  • Gameplay is entirely dependent on the puzzles. Some of them can be highly frustrating, but the satisfaction you get when you solve a hard puzzle is the highlight of this game.
  • The challenging game tests your logic and Maths. This is a game you must not miss playing in 2020.


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