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Treachery in Beatdown City is a new '80s inspired beat 'em up game integrated with RPG mechanics, which takes a satirical stance on the evil infused cities full of prejudices and bigotry. The action-based brawler game has surely made its place amongst the tactical combat indie games with its unique gameplay and fun, humorous narrative. The game was released by developer and publisher Nuchallenger on March 31, 2020.

The premise of the game starts with the classic action-based movie-style narrative, which shows that the US President, Blake Orama, had been kidnapped by Ninja Dragon Terrorists, in an alternate world of the East Fulton city. The city people fail to handle the situation as it escalates, and their only hope is a team of three fighter heroes who have to beatdown the duplicitous people as they fight their way towards the City Hall. The trio of top dogs includes Bruce Maxwell, a Jamaican lightweight fighter with his striking moves, Lisa Santiago, a middleweight mix martial artist/boxer, and Brad Steele, a Texas-born Spanish-Mexican former heavyweight wrestler, who are all people of color. It is up to you and your team, as you alternate among the three characters, to save the president and the city from its treachery.

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The gameplay of Treachery in Beatdown City

Treachery in Beatdown City is a combo of RPG tactics and brawler/wrestling mechanics, which also delves into a hybrid real-time and turn-based fighting system. As the game starts with you being entrusted with the mission to rescue the president, it is your turn to fight the injustice that prevails in the city, maneuvering your way across the monstrous city, tackling corrupted and malevolent policemen, racists, bikers, and so on, spanning across over 26 enemies, each with their own unique styles. Fighting against these malicious people on the streets becomes an easier task for you as you will have the option to build-up your custom Strike-and-Grapple combos as well as come up with different combat tactics based on the character you choose, to match up with the enemies for each combat. You can also learn new moves as you progress through the levels.

You can conveniently rotate between the three characters, each with their characteristic styles, pros, and cons, as you navigate your way through an overworld map fighting against all sorts of grapplers, sneaky enemies, their support systems, giants, grunts, and, of course, the ninja terrorists. One character may be better at handling certain enemies based on their fighting tactics, while another will be better suited for another set of enemies. It is all up to you to carefully select your heroes for each situation. You may also come across recurring characters that you meet on the streets at later stages in grudge matches.

There are several cutscenes that occur in between major fight scenes that add some comical drama to the game, making it all the more interesting in a way that may appeal to certain people who really know what is going on with the racist remarks, gentrification, and whatnot. But for the players who may choose to remain oblivious to the humor that is intended, the scenes might even occur mawkish to them. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to the upright and moral justice heroes fighting against the evil and corruption-infested city. Even so, it does help to have a sense of which direction the satirical narrative is going towards as it will help you better steer through the streets with all kinds of hidden characters.

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Treachery in Beatdown City is a genre of its own, as it takes on several genres blended together to give a uniquely intriguing and fun experience, along with its trenchant satire on corruption, and animosity that prevail in this world. It is, without a doubt, a “great beat 'em up” game, looking back at its predecessors, and it can go a long way if it can bring a lot more complexities to beat down the monotonous play that may occur at later stages.

You can check out the official launch trailer of Treachery in Beatdown City, see if the social commentaries that play throughout the game suit your palate or if you can get by without getting distracted, incognizant to the humorous take on real-life issues, focussing more on your action-packed combats. Either way, you will have a thrilling experience as you wade your way across the city. So, buckle up and hone your skills to fight against evil forces.

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