My Friend Pedro is the Game You Need to Play If You Fancy Precise-Shooting and Puzzle-Solving

About the game

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My Friend Pedro is a shootout game where you need to shoot and kill enemies. At the same time, you need to protect yourself. It is an out-and-out shooting game that calls for different skills to help you win. The developer of this game is Dead Toast Entertainment. The game publisher is Devolver Digital. The game was released in June 2019. MFP: My Friend Pedro was a flash game from 2014. This game is based on that old game. The game is available in single-player mode.

The game is like an action movie. There are stunts to be done, including wall running, skateboarding through a window, and swinging from a rope. You can even shoot your enemies dead while flying mid-air. The action is like something out of a Jackie Chan movie. The non-stop action and shooting are the key attractions of this game. Those who like action movies and action games will love this game for sure. Apart from shooting, there is also puzzle-solving to be done.

Game plot and storyline

The game doesn’t have much of a story. Since it is a shooter game with non-stop action, the story doesn’t matter. You play the game as a nameless hero in a butcher shop. Pedro is your friend. Pedro is not even a human but a banana that can talk. It is not a friend who advises you to do good but encourages you to be as bad as possible. The game is pure action with shooting with a few story elements throw in between. It is an adventure game where some scenes tell you some kind of a story.

There are dialogues that occur during the game. There are different levels in the game that you need to clear to move ahead. Pedro keeps popping up at a corner of the screen and tells you your score and your rank in the game. Friend Pedro also has occasional advice for you. There are elements of humor in the game that may make you chuckle. Friend Pedro cracks a wry joke or two in the game for you to enjoy. These are all minor elements in the game. The major element is the action shootout.

The gameplay

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The game involves action sequences like jumping, kicking, doing flips, swinging mid-air, and so on. While doing all these things, you can keep shooting. You can use the bullets fired by your opponents by deflecting it back to them using objects like a frying pan. There are points awarded when you hit an enemy. Killing them enables a multiplier, allowing you to earn more points. The more enemies you kill, the more points you can get. At the end of each level, your rank is displayed. This motivates players to compete with other players across the world.

You can even slow down time and shoot in slow motion. You need to quickly decide the best way of killing more enemies and earning more points and implement it. This fast-paced action game has plenty of enemies waiting for you behind doors or below shafts. Keep shooting and slamming them with all that you have. There are different weapons to use, though not as many as you would expect in a shooter game of this type.

Each of the guns in the game has a use in a particular situation, and you need to plan and use the weapon well. The early level has more of flinging things, jumping all over the place, and shooting. Later levels focus on mines and traps that are puzzles for you to crack. A good game to play to enjoy action and shootouts.

Features of My Friend Pedro

The features of My Friend Pedro that make it an exciting game are:

  • The game is an action shooter game. There is plenty of action scenes in the game. You need to bring out your inner action hero and perform stunts to fight enemies.
  • It is a shootout game, where you use a variety of weapons to kill off all your enemies. You need to kill and protect yourself from the hail of bullets they unleash. You can even use frying pans for this.
  • Pedro is a talking banana who guides and helps the game protagonist.
  • The game works on a point system, and a leader board helps you know where you stand among all those in the world who play this game.
  • It is an enjoyable game for those who love action sequences and non-stop shooting.


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