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Sail Forth Coming on All Major Consoles in 2020

Are you a child of the sea? Do you love the idea of sailing away on unexplored waters and getting in on some naval adventures? Or better yet, have you ever been on one? If you love the idea of sailing and spending your days marveling at the beautiful scenery of the sea and ocean, then Sail Forth is the perfect game for you. Developed by Seattle-based David Evans, Sail Forth is a game about procedural sailing adventures and naval expeditions. Bring your inside sea child out and embark on a sailing adventure; pack your compass and boating gear, and get sailing!

Sail Forth is soon to be released in 2020 on all major consoles, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox One, and Steam (for Windows, Mac, and Linux). It is also reasonably priced at $14.99, £11.84, €13.44, C$20.13. This curiously adventurous sailing game is also available in a host of languages to cater to a worldwide audience. These languages include English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Japanese, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Thai.

Sail far and beyond on many boats, make your boats, build your fleet, and truly indulge in the wonders at sea. The beautiful animation and colors in the gameplay will take you to a different world and bring the gorgeous sea to your screens. Sailing has never been this fun and beautiful before. The amazing soundtrack always playing in the background transports you to a completely different world. The blue and green with specks of yellow and purple in the skies will take your breath away. Adventure awaits you at sea, what are you waiting for?

Build your boats and fleet and sail on the clear blue waters

Sail Forth is not a simple sailing game where you sit in your boat and complete missions. It has a whole lot of different features. One such interesting feature is- you can build your own boats. Closely following sailing concepts, you get to build your boat suitable for the adventure you decide to embark upon. Moreover, you can also add the boats that you come across to your fleet. This way, you won’t need to ditch your boat when you come across a bigger and better one. Simply add it to your fleet and choose to sail in it when your other boat drowns.

The sailing environment can also be customized. You do not have to keep sailing in the same sea with the same background featuring the same flora and fauna all the time. You can now come across multiple marine environments full of many different kinds of flora and fauna. This way, you get to explore new marine terrains every corner you turn. Moreover, each of these new environments is enhanced with an awesome background score, which truly puts you in the sailing mood. This allows you to go out on a true blue sailing adventure and explore a wide variety of environments. You also get to set-up and command your own sailing crew.

As you progress through the game and complete missions, you gain more weapons, equipment, and upgrades. You also get to browse through a host of flags and sail designs which you can then use for your many boats. This allows you to truly customize your boats and adventures as you wish. Sailing has been given a completely different touch with this game, and it truly shows you how much fun and adventurous it can be. It doesn’t have to be always dangerous and monotonous. It is extremely thrilling and turns you into a child of the sea.

Sail Forth and conquer distant seas and oceans

What makes Sail Forth such an engaging and amazing sailing adventure game is that the water movements and ship designs are based on real-time Physics concepts of buoyancy and wind force calculations. This gives the game a very realistic touch and does not feel like a plastic simulation. You will feel like you ARE on a boat sailing across the sea. The bright colors add to the beauty of the picturization. Sail Forth also features unique missions on different islands and biomes where you need to complete quests to advance further. It can be anything from saving your friends to stealing treasure.

Are you ready for a sailing adventure of a lifetime? Do you have it in you to build ships and fleet and command your sailing crew? Would you be able to complete legendary quests and win each mission? Do you have it in you to set sailing? Find out for yourself this 2020 with Sail Forth releasing on all major consoles. So, what are you waiting for? Set sail, Captain!

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