The Best Warframe Mods You Need to Try Out Today!

Warframe is a third-person co-op-focused action game that was released for PC way back in March 2013. Gamers worldwide loved the strategically heavy game featuring a huge arsenal of weapons and frames, and the game was soon released for PlayStation in a few months in November 2013. The game continued to be a favorite amongst players all over the world, and soon, saw its release on Xbox One in 2014, and a few years later, on Nintendo Switch in 2018. This action role-playing game developed by Digital Extremes Studio can be played in two modes – singleplayer and multiplayer.

Set in the future, the game follows the life of a race of ancient warriors called the Tenno. They had been in a cryosleep for over a century, and when they awake from their sleep, they find themselves in the middle of a bloody and deadly war. A war with the Grineer, the Corpus, the Infested, and the Sentients. The Grineer are deteriorated human clones, the Corpus are advanced robots, the Infested are disfigured victims of a virus called Technocyte, and the Sentients are self-replicating machines. Clearly, every opponent is deadlier than the other, and the Tenno are shockingly in the middle of it all.

While the game, at the core of it, is about gaining more frames and weapons, everyone loves something that could make them even stronger to fend off the enemies. This is where the Warframe mods come into play. Over the years, there have been many mods that have been used by gamers, and they have only come to love the game more. Be it companions, weapons, frames, or even the smallest of tools, you can mod anything you wish to. If you are looking to enhance the gameplay of your Warframe gaming session and wish to reign heavy-duty weapons and frames on your enemies, here is a list of the best Warframe mods that you need to try out today!

Set mods

If you are looking for powerful strength enhancers that would take your combat abilities to a whole other level, you need to try out set mods. As the name suggests, set mods derive their power and send it to you from each mod of the same set you choose to equip yourself with. You get individual benefits of each mod in a set, and a complete set bonus too. Generally, there are not more than six mods in any mod set. Boosting your combat skills, enhancing your shield capacity, and more is made very easy with these set mods. They can be found in The Sacrifice Quest, the Venus Open-World Zones, or as random drops in the gameplay.

Riven mods

Riven mods enter the gameplay of Warframe in veiled states. This means that when you come across one, you cannot know the exact statistics regarding the mod. You would not know what these mods can do. Moreover, these riven mods can also only be used for one specific weapon. In their veiled state, the only information you will have on the riven mod is which category of weapon the mod can be used for and what is the quest you need to complete to unlock the mod for use. These riven mods almost all run the entire game, and you just cannot play Warframe without getting your hands on these riven mods.

Primed mods

Primed mods are legendary mods that can be obtained from a trader of the void in the gameplay of Warframe. This trader goes by the name Baro Ki’Teer. He brings these legendary level primed mods with him, which you can then buy from him. With a high ceiling rank of 10, these primed mods are better and stronger than ever and can enhance your normal mods to ultimate levels. So, if you are looking to boost your power and performance, make sure to obtain these primed mods from Baro Ki’Teer. Other than these primed mods, Baro Ki’Teer also comes with other weapons and accessories, if you are interested in buying them and equipping yourself with them.

Augment mods

Relay stations have Warframe Syndicates from whom you can get your hands on augment mods. As the name suggests, augment mods enhance, multiply, or increase the fighting effects and power of your weapons. Some enhance the melee multiplier of the Blade Storm to 50 times while some do it to a factor of even 100 times. Some augment mods even allow you to hit your enemies and collect more loot from them than they would originally drop. However, the catch in getting your hands on these augment mods is that it is extremely tricky to come by them and even more difficult to unlock them.


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