The Red Lantern

The Red Lantern, an Indie Game Developed by Timberline Studio, Releasing on Nintendo Switch

Another beautifully illustrated and good-looking Indie game set to release in 2020 is The Red Lantern. Developed by Timberline Studio, the Indie game is set against the backdrop of the picturesque and snowy Alaska. Have you ever felt like life has only dealt you with hardships? That it has always been cruel and treacherous to you? Has life ever felt like never-ending torture? That your failures and shortcomings have started to define you and turn you into a person you never wished to become? Such a life can feel horrible and annoying.

You are what you do, and the heroine of this game decided to leave her mistakes behind because she did not want them to define who she was. Feeling like a disappointment for a long, long time, she decided to take matters in her hand and shift to Alaska. There, she gets five sled dogs and a sled and decides to race in the Iditarod dog slave race. However, things take a turn for the worse again, and you are stuck in the wilderness and the snow. Will you be able to survive the cruel cold and the harsh nights and find your way back home?

Timberline Studio has done a fantastic job with this narrative-driven game. The snowy and pastel colors of the game will transport you to a world of vast expanses of nothingness. You would not be able to see anything for miles ahead of you other than the heavy snow covering the entire land. Once you realize that you are lost in the snowy wilderness, that is when the real adventure begins. You need to now do everything in your power to survive in the snow and find your way back home, all the while keeping your precious dogs safe and alive.

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Do you have it in you to survive the Alaskan wilderness?

Fending-off scary bears and resisting the cruel frostbite becomes the order of the day when you are lost in the wilderness of Alaskan bushes. Things seem to be changing with every passing minute, and navigation gets difficult the second the sun starts to go down. Your only companions in the harsh and chilly blanket of snow are your sled dogs. Your only source of companionship, these dogs are everything you have left. But will you be able to come out of the wilderness with all your five sled dogs? Will you be able to keep them safe and healthy even though the weather conditions are working cruelly against you?

The Red Lantern is not just a game about survival; it is also about finding the best parts of yourself. When you find out and realize what brings out the best in you and what truly helps you flourish, your life gets a tad bit easier. The Red Lantern teaches you that only when you are at your rock bottom can you truly shoot for the stars, just like an arrow needs to be pulled really back on the bow for it to land a powerful blow on your enemies. The Alaskan wilderness can very easily turn from a nightmare into your saving grace, only if you are ready to devote your motivation to it.

This incredibly unique dog sledding survival game will blow your minds away

This Indie game comes with striking visuals and colors. The shades are made to look so bold and popping the blanket of snow all around you shines like diamonds. The setting sun makes it look even more beautiful and surreal with shades of pink, orange, and purple surrounding the vast land. The Red Lantern is not just a game but also a striking visual treat that will make you want to book your own tickets to Alaska right away. The stunning soundtrack by Hrishikesh Hirway truly feels like a cherry on the top, allowing you to immerse in the amazing and unique gameplay of The Red Lantern. This game will help you discover whether you are the type to tackle problems head-on, or are you the type to take a more cautious route to get rid of them.

This summer, find out what are your strengths and what makes you tick. Transport yourself in the wondrous land of the Alaskan snow and redefine everything that has been defining you till now. It is now or never. If you do not make a move now, you never shall. Do not keep waiting for a miracle to happen. Be your own miracle. Shed your inhibitions and insecurities and venture out to conquer the world and give yourself a new identity with The Red Lantern.

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