The Top GTA 5 Mods You Need to Try Right Now

Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA 5, as we all like to call it, is a legendary game that will go down in the history books of gaming and written in golden ink. The game has immortalized the wonderful world of gaming, and Rockstar Games have done an incredibly amazing job at it. Set in the sun-soaked metropolis of Los Santos, Grand Theft Auto 5 is rampant with self-help gurus, starlets and fading celebrities, street hustlers, cons, violent maniacs, and, most importantly, beautiful and world-class cars. Grand Theft Auto 5 is incredibly dynamic and diverse, and the open-world nature of the gameplay makes it an amazing play.

Modern culture is given a darkly humorous side in this game developed by Rockstar Games. And even though the game has been hugely successful and almost has a cult following ever since its release in 2013, the game is still downloaded and played by players worldwide. Moreover, gamers all over the globe are so obsessed with Grand Theft Auto 5 that there is a host of a wide variety of mods that have been developed to make playing Grand Theft Auto 5 even more fun and amazing than it already is. Every mod for the game is worth trying out at least once, but here is a list of the top GTA 5 mods that we love the most and which you need to try right now:

Become Iron Man mod

If you have ever wondered how the billionaire physicist, Tony Stark, would do in the Grand Theft Auto 5 world, then you are not alone. The crazy, dark, and questionable humor that Tony Stark has run in the veins of the Los Santos city. How would you like to play Grand Theft Auto 5 that has Iron Man in it then? The Become Iron Man mod allows you to suit up in the famous Iron Man suit complete with all its functionalities and powers and allows you to thrust upwards into the sky and play the game as Iron Man. This is finally a dream come true for all gamers who are Marvel fans. Bring true justice to the name and strength of Iron Man by suiting up like him in the Grand Theft Auto 5 world.

Game of Thrones fire breathing dragon mod

Game of Thrones has a cult following all around the world, just like Grand Theft Auto 5 does. Ever wondered how thrilling and empowering it would be to ride one of Khaleesi’s dragons in the Grand Theft Auto world? The Game of Thrones fire breathing dragon mod allows you to do just the same. You can now call in your vehicle as the fire breathing dragon and cruise through the sky attacking people and toasting them to a crisp. Your dragon ride even has the capability to pick up cars and people and drop them at will. This feels like terror at its ultimate level.

Underwater Megapolis mod

The entire Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay runs on the ground. Have you ever wondered how cool and thrilling it would be to play a game like Grand Theft Auto 5 underwater? The Underwater Megapolis mod allows you to trigger a tsunami in the entire city of Los Santos, eventually drowning the city underwater. And that is when the fun begins. Turn Los Santos into Atlantis and truly feel the thrill of driving cars and riding bikes in an underwater-submerged city where even the tallest skyscrapers just barely scrape the surface of the water.

Hyper Realism mod

Graphics and animations have come a long way ever since the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 years back. If you are looking to enhance your gameplay by introducing even the most minute details, then you need to try out the Hyper Realism mod right away. It adds tiny specks of details and intricacies to every character in the game, thus allowing you to truly feel like you are playing the game in a simulation, as if you really are in Los Santos. You will now have to bend to pick up weapons and can even see pedestrians drop their wallets and more. The Hyper Realism mod adds a layer of realism to the game, thus allowing you to truly feel the awesomeness that this game is.

Cop’s Perspective mod

The entire gameplay of the Grand Theft Auto 5 has always been that you play on the side of the criminals. But, what if there was something that would take you across the fence and see your world from a whole new point of view. This is what the Cop’s Perspective mod does. You get to play Grand Theft Auto 5 as a cop and feel the dreads and terrors of the city by being on the side of the law this time. Feels weird, but it is definitely worth a shot!

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