The Yellow King Has Got into Early Access on Steam. What Should You Expect From It?

About the game

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The Yellow King is a game released in early access mode. The game developed by Pelgrane Press is published by Spell Book. The game is based on the book, ‘The King in Yellow,” written by Robert Chambers. The game version of the book was re-written by Robin Laws. The game is set in four different locations. Two locations are historical, and another two are modern. The game centers around the mysterious Yellow King, who is trying to take over Earth, and you need to prevent it.

The Yellow King is a multiplayer game that can be played by many players together. There are players vs. players scenarios where you can compete with the best. Leader boards are available. The action involves exploring dungeons, where you have to battle with opponents. There are puzzles for you to solve. Hidden treasures await you to claim. There are collectibles to add to your inventory. When you participate in the early access trial, you can get a free subscription to the game for a lifetime.

Game plot and storyline

The game is one belonging to the horror genre. It sticks to the stories written by Robert Chambers. There are four stories presented as a part of the game:

1) Belle Epoque Paris: In this story, the players are Americans who are studying art in Paris. There are mysteries that will create a sense of horror involving vampires and gargoyles.

2) The Wars: This game presents an alternate reality narrative. It is set in 1947 on the European battlefield. You play the role of a soldier who is exposed to supernatural events created by the Yellow King.

3) Aftermath: Set in North America, an evil dictator has been toppled in a revolution. You are part of a group of rebels who now have to settle down and rebuild a society that was torn apart by the conflict. There are monsters, though, who lurk, waiting to come back.

4) This is Normal Now: Set in today’s era, there are supernatural creatures and other menacing beings. Finally, people have come together to get rid of the evil influence of the Yellow King.

The gameplay


The game has an interesting system of play. It uses nine different general abilities that decide the gameplay. A dice has to be rolled to decide what to do. The game would have a moderator, who is one of the players. The game developers have defined only the core rules. The game moderator can decide the rest of the rules. The moderator even sets the difficulty level for the game. The margin of success and failure is displayed, which is totaled at the end. This decides whether the group of players succeeded or not.

There are injury cards and shock cards that bring an innovative element to the game. These cards come into play when you take a hit. Three injury cards, and you are dead! Shock cards represent mental injury. A player can get a shock card after a shocking event. The game uses the GUMSHOE system. Robin Laws, who wrote the story for the game, is the creator of this system. This system of the gameplay focuses not on finding clues but on interpreting the clues. The gaming system relies on the rolling of dice and character abilities.

This game system does not have direct combat between players but uses the die system to decide combat results. The game even has FAQs. The game has campaigns and scenarios. The game moderator has to stitch them together to form a storyline. The flexibility in the game is one of the main attractions that make it unique. If you like a game with supernatural elements that don’t have the usual hack and slash, this is the game for you.

Features of Yellow King


Source: Yellow King Twitter

Here’s what you can expect from the Yellow King game:

  • The game has been released in the early access mode. It is available for play on Steam right now.
  • Players who play the early access game will have the opportunity to give feedback on issues faced and can suggest improvements. Their improvements are likely to be incorporated in the final release.
  • All early access players can get a lifetime free subscription. This is good enough reason to start playing today.
  • The horror game has many supernatural elements and is based on the short stories of Robert Chambers.

· There are four games within this game, set in different backgrounds, with the Yellow King being the common thread through the game.


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