Top 5 best mods for Halo: Reach

The heroic story of Noble Team, Halo: Reach was recently released on Xbox on December 3, 2019. The game has become popular worldwide and already has mods enhancing its gameplay. The Spartans are looking better than ever and are way more powerful than before. The community response has been huge. The game about spartans saving humanity on the strange yet mystical planet of Reach has touched hearts. Gamers worldwide have been playing the game non stop. With stunning 4k details, and brand new features, optimizations, and upgrades the game is looking better than ever but what if I told you that you could enhance your gaming experience even further?

The Covenant is fast approaching and destroying every shred of humanity in their way. They are lethal, they are merciless, and they are very near. What do you do when the survival of millions is dependent on you and your loyal team? You armor up and save the planet that needs you. It is now up to you to equip yourself with the best in class mods and fight them every inch of the way. To aid and assist you in finding out the best ways to supercharge your abilities and fight the Covenant better, here are the top 5 best mods for Halo: Reach you need to get your hands on right now. Time is of the essence and you will not get a second chance to save the planet.

[Important: To use most of these mods, you will need to disable the anti-cheat version of the game.]

All Characters Customizations Unlock Mod

The All Characters Customizations Unlock Mod unlocks all the customization for every character in the PC version of the Halo: Reach. If you do not want to wait around for customizations to unlock and enhance your power and save the strange and mystical planet, Reach, this mod is the way to go for you. It will allow you not just a peek into all the customizations and upgrades available but will also allow you to use these customizations and fight the Covenant with more power and strength. Who doesn’t love more power and weapons in their arsenal anyway?

Royale Reach Reshade Mod

Halo: Reach is already very rich in graphics and colors. However, imagine a mod that will allow you to take the gaming experience to a whole other level. This is what the Royale Reach Reshade mod does. It runs at runs at 120fps at 4k thus improving the visuals and graphics by a giant leap. It works well for lower graphics PCs too and does not slow down the gameplay or introduces any latency. Your gameplay of Halo: Reach is intensified and made richer than before. If you are looking to further increasing the graphics of Halo: Reach, the Royale Reach Reshade mod is the way to go.

Halo: Reach Third Person Campaign Mod

If you are looking to change the view of the gameplay of Halo: Reach, the Halo: Reach Third Person Campaign might be the perfect thing for you. Although it does not work for multiplayer modes currently, you can tweak other modes such that you play the game in third person. This gives you a whole different view of the battlefield thus completely turning around your fighting experience. This increases your ability to protect yourself better and scope out the battlefield for enemies before they can attack you. The Halo: Reach Third Persona Campaign mod will soon be working on the fire fight co-op maps too.

Ultimate Forge World Mod

If you are constantly worried about using up the entire Forge budget while building objects and want more new spaceships in your garage, the Ultimate Forge World mod comes as a blessing to you. The Ultimate Forge World mod introduces a huge range of spaceships in the gameplay including UNSC Frigate, Pelican, Banshee, Phantom, and more. It also removes the Forge build limit. Now, you can use the newest spaceships without any limit and come down hard on the Covenant like never before. They won’t know what hit them!

AI Forge Menu Mod

If you have been among the many people who have been constantly asking for the ability to respawn AI NPCs in the Forge mode of Halo: Reach, you are in for a brilliant news. This AI Forge Menu mod allows you to respawn the AI NPCs. You can now create your own war zones and attack the Covenant with the added aid of the respawned AI NPCs. The battlefield becomes more gruesome and exciting when you use the AI Forge Menu mod.

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