Top Skyrim Mods You Need to Try Out Today


Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, Skyrim is one of the most popular and beloved action-adventure games in the history of PC and console gaming. With dark characters decorated with steel armor and impressive combat skills, Skyrim takes you on a never-before-seen enthralling and intense journey. While the game has been out there for a long time and gamers have had their fill of it, there is something that can enhance the gameplay of Skyrim and take you on an improved DejaVu journey. Yes, we are talking about trying out Skyrim mods!

Skyrim mods have been brought with great attention to detail. If you want to relive the action and magic of the Skyrim game, you need to try out these Skyrim mods today. While some enhance the graphics in the game and turn it into an even more amazing visual treat, some enhance your fighting skills and give you the power to blow up anything you wish to blow up. Some even add difficulties and spells to make your gameplay difficult and make you earn your victory. If this has gotten you excited, here is a list of the top Skyrim mods you need to try out today.

Relighting Skyrim

The Relighting Skyrim mods adjust and improve the lighting in the game and make sure that you only see the light from light sources and not non-light sources. Now, you will not be thrown off your game by noticing light coming from random doors or objects. The Relighting Skyrim mods allow only light sources such as fire, lanterns, stars, and so on to emit light. This makes the game experience much more realistic and believable.


The SkyUI mod improves the buggy user interface of Skyrim and provides gamers with a much more seamless gameplay with the least amount of lags. You can now sort through your menus much easier and find things much quicker. Highly recommended that you get your hands on the SkyUI mod; it will only make your gaming experience better.

Realistic Humanoid Movement Speed

The Realistic Humanoid Movement Speed mod ties together your slow pacing and faster sprints and makes your movements look more human. This mod adjusts your speeds in various forms of movements and makes sure you do not look inhuman doing so. It is highly beneficial for when you are sneaking around your enemies.

Apocalypse Spells

Have you gotten bored of facing the same gameplay plot every time you play Skyrim? Has the game become incredibly predictable since you can anticipate every twist and turn now? Do you want to add a little more spice and fun to the game? The Apocalypse Spells mod can do exactly the same for you. It adds 140 Skyrim appropriate spells to the game, allowing you to suddenly encounter enemies and tornadoes alike. Skyrim just got a whole lot exciting!

Alternate Start

The Alternate Start mod is another great mod to bring new twists to the game if you are bored of its original plotline. The Alternate Start mod allows you to pick any character and start the game with the story of that character. This is a brand new way of exploring the Skyrim world in a completely different start, and in the shoes of a completely different character. You won’t be able to anticipate what adventure lies ahead of you.

Performance Textures

The Performance Textures mod is here to take care of all your appearance woes. Animals, creatures, armor, weapons, and clothes are made better in graphics while also reducing their file size. This helps you not only to take in the visuals of the game better but also run the game on low-end PCs or consoles since the file size is significantly smaller now. Thus, your gaming experience becomes seamless and lag-free.

Cutting Room Floor

You can consider the Cutting Room Floor as an ‘Extended Director’s Cut’ edition of the game. All the plots, twists, and turns that were left out in the original Skyrim game can be explored via the help of the Cutting Room Floor mod. You can now extend your gameplay well beyond the original time and seek the extended thrills of Skyrim.

Immersive HUD (Head-up Display)

You do not need to be looking at all bars and menus on your screen all the time. They not only create clutter on the screen when you are not in fight mode but also robs you of the opportunity to experience the beautiful graphics of the game in its entirety. The Immersive HUD (Head-up display) mod takes care of this and hides all such indicators from your screen when you are not using them actively.

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