Why Should You Play Timelie?

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About the game

Timelie is an interesting game that allows you to control time. As the name itself suggests, time is in your hands. As the player playing this game, you can control time just like you do in a media player that plays videos or music. If you drag left, you go back. If you drag right, you go forward into the future. This element of the game makes it highly interesting and is the reason why you should play this game.

The game is essentially a stealth game that has many puzzles in it that you need to solve. It has co-operative adventure elements in it.

Timelie was created by Indie game developer Urnique Studios. This is a gaming company based in Thailand. They are both creators and publishers of this unique and interesting game. Timelie is the first offering from this Indie firm.

The game was released for the Windows platform on Steam. It was released on 21st May 2020. The game has already become popular and earned a very positive review rating from players. The game has won the best game awards in the Thailand National Software Contest and the Imagine Cup.

Image Credits: Facebook

The game plot, characters, and storyline

The game features a little girl who is the main character in this game. With her is a cat that acts as her companion. The game starts in a very interesting way. A girl wakes up and finds herself in a strange place full of robots. The robots are not friendly. She decides to run from this place, looking for a way out. That’s the time when she realizes she has a special power. This is the power of time, where she can explore the past and the future to reach safety. She meets a cat in the game, and both the girl and the cat have to be taken to safety.

The game involves a series of puzzles that are essentially stealth puzzles. The girl moves through various realms. Each of these realms has puzzles that need to be cracked to move ahead. Once you complete the puzzles, you will move to the next realm. In this way, you need to keep completing puzzles in this game. Apart from the basic plot, there is no storyline as it is all about solving puzzles until you reach the end.

The gameplay

The gameplay calls for co-operative effort where you need to control not just the girl but also the cat. It can look daunting initially, but once you get the hang of it, you will find it quite easy. The game controls are fairly simple. Use the A and D keys to manipulate time just like a media player, going backward and forward in time. You can press the spacebar key to activate the special abilities of the child that can be enhanced by finding special orbs in the various realms. The game has mazes with security drones guarding them. You need to clear the mazes.

The cat can ‘meow’ and distract guards, allowing you to escape. There are pressure plates in the game, and the cat will be very helpful in opening doors using the pressure plates. There are many tight corners in the game that only the cat can crawl through. This is a co-operative game played by one player playing with two characters. The game puzzles are quite simple and easy to play. Once you clear a level, you can even see the playback of your game. You can either use time to avoid confrontation with guards, or you get the ability to fight and use it to blast the guards. This is a simple game with minimalist graphics, but one that’s great fun to play.

The game features

The following features tell you why you should play Timelie:

· The game is a stealth puzzle game with a large number of puzzles spread across multiple levels or realms.
· It is a single-player game that uses co-operative gameplay in the form of controlling a girl and a cat.
· You can control time and rewind to the past or move ahead to the future, making the gameplay highly interesting.
· There are obstacles to clear, abilities to pick up, and fights with drones as you move through various realms to reach safety.
· There are hidden secrets to uncover in this game with simple yet beautiful graphics.

Game Trailer

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