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PAX East First Impressions – Revolution 60

It takes some serious balls to promote your indie game as “Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect“, but that’s precisely how the team at Giant Spacekat is describing their debut project, Revolution 60. Well, perhaps “balls”..

PAX East First Impressions – Lichdom: Battlemage

Did that feature image startle you? Well, don’t panic, everything’s under control. No matter how intimidating the foe, Xaviant’s upcoming “first-person caster” known as Lichdom: Battlemage aims to grant you the gift of complete and..

0rbitalis Turns Space into a Spirograph

0rbitalis began its life during Ludum Dare 28 back in December. Inspired by the theme “You Only Get One”, developer Alan Zucconi developed a game that blended his passion for physics and gaming into a..