Should You Play Kill It With Fire?

Hunt spiders in your home and cause collateral damage in the first-person action game, Kill It With Fire. The game has been developed by Casey Donnellan Games LLC and will be published by tinyBuild for PC platforms in July 2020.

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The plot of Kill It With Fire

In Kill It With Fire, you get to be a licensed exterminator. You need to get rid of the spiders flooding your house. You’re fed up with the havoc they’ve wreaked in your house and decide to resort to extreme methods to get rid of them. Before resorting to such means, though, you need to get acquainted with the other methods of driving these parasites away from your home.

You’ll need to try out the different insect repellents to decide which works best, as the results may differ depending on where you are. Open spaces make it easy for you to use fire without causing damage around you, but closed spaces would probably require the use of a slipper or a newspaper to kill the spiders.

Before you can get to eliminate the spiders, you’ll have to find them. A careful study of the territory will orient you with the house, and you can search the entire building to bring spiders out from hiding and exterminate them. Your efforts can be guided by the use of a unique spider detector that will show you where all the parasites are located.

The gameplay of Kill It With Fire

Kill It With Fire has multiple levels. Every location in the game is a house with several furnishings and rooms. It’s your job to get rid of every single spider in the region if you want to proceed to the next level. Put your exploration to the test by conducting a detailed search of the place, including dark corners and comfortable shelters where your 8-legged enemies are hiding.

Some of them will be easy to spot, while others won’t be. Even for the ones that you do notice, killing them will still be a task. The moment they’re discovered, they’re likely to flee, and catching such a creature is no small task.

If you feel you’ve killed every last spider in the area but still aren’t proceeding to the next level, it’s probably because there are still some in hiding. The game’s spider tracker can help you out in such cases. The spider tracker has a screen that starts to emit special signals if it detects an arachnoid. All you have to do is walk around with it in your hands and let the detector guide you to where there’s still a spider in hiding.

You’ll have to use strategy to get rid of the spiders without destroying your home. Multiple weapons in your arsenal can be used at different locations, so it’s up to you to strategize well and select a method of extermination that causes minimum damage to the areas of your home while still being effective in getting rid of spiders.

Weapons used in Kill It With Fire

Kill It With Fire offers a variety of weapons that make it exciting for you as you set off on the task of getting rid of the spiders. When you start, you’ll only have a clipboard that you can use to smash spiders. As you proceed in the game, you’ll get a list of missions that need to be accomplished for you to receive special rewards. These will be available in the game’s journal. Completing the initial tasks or missions will ensure that new weapons get included in your arsenal. You can then indulge in other activities to get rid of spiders, such as using fire on spiders or using books and hurling bookshelves at spiders to kill them.

You can even put your shooting skills to the test using a revolver or check out the cool ninja stars that can cause more damage to your household furniture than the spiders you aim at. The chaos of the situation adds to the fun of the gameplay, so don’t be afraid to experiment with it. There are also many surprises and small perks available to players throughout Kill It With Fire.

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Features of Kill It With Fire

  • An arsenal full of different kinds of weapons.
  • Several 8-legged creepy spiders that need to be eradicated.
  • Realistic system for fire simulation.
  • Chaos and destruction.

Should you play it?

If you’ve been wanting to get rid of spiders in your home but haven’t been successful at it, you can take your revenge in Kill It With Fire. Even if that’s not the case, the game provides a fun way to get rid of these pests while allowing you to experiment with some cool weapons.

Game Trailer

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