A Fantasy From Above: ‘Driftmoon’ Demo Released


Grab your RPG hat and rush to your local store as the Driftmoon demo is here! Oh apparently you don’t need to go outside as it’s available as a digital download, phew! The wonders of technology I tell you!

Instant Kingdom have informed us that the long-awaited demo for Driftmoon is available for you to play right now. They say it’s a pretty long demo as well so feel free to get stuck right in. Of course, if you want more you can pre-order the game and play what is currently finished of the game right now too.

If you are not which promising RPG Driftmoon is, we can tell you it’s the top-down one – it’s quite a distinctive viewpoint. The developers want to elaborate though, so we’ll let them:

Driftmoon has a deep, captivating story, and the gameplay focuses heavily on adventure and exploration. The adventure is spiced up with surprising twists, and a nice touch of humour, and the world is filled with detail. Driftmoon has been described by our players as an enjoyable, refreshing, brilliant game, with awesome gameplay and a charming atmosphere. Maybe most importantly, Driftmoon is a good-hearted, unique game, that’ll brighten up your day, and leave you smiling!”

You can download the demo of and purchase Driftmoon on the official website. That is also where you can find plenty more information too.

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