As I Walk Through The Valley: ‘A Valley Without Wind’ Gets Release Trailer

A Valley Without Wind
A Valley Without Wind

This stacked-to-the-highest-Heavens indie release schedule just won’t end, will it? Not that we’re complaining that great looking games keep getting churned out, but we’re getting a little fearful that a few more impending goldmines might cause gamers’ eyes to explode.

Not helping matters is Arcen Games’ A Valley Without Wind, which looks every bit as tight and stylish as anything we’ve seen lately. And, as it’s being released today, the developers have seen fit to taunt us further with a wonderful looking launch trailer.



There we have it. A few hours from now, you could be indulging in some fast-paced, romper-stomping side-scrolling shooter action, complete with character customisation and an ever-evolving in-game world. It’s funny how the once quaint ‘MetroidVania’ neologism has now become a conventionalised genre moniker, but A Valley Without Wind appears to fit seamlessly into that very mould. Borrowing some of the most treasured gaming institutions of the NES-era and intertwining them with the vibrancy and eye-catching fidelity afforded to them by the benefits of modern technology, Arcen Games are clearly going eyeballs-out to serve up something old, new, borrowed and blue (just look at that beautiful skyline in the trailer) for the gaming masses.

A Valley Without Wind releases on Steam later today, but more information about the game can be accessed at its official site. You can also follow the progress of the game on Twitter.

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