’12 Indie Apps For Christmas’ Raises Over $1500 For Charity And Counting

12 Indie Apps For Christmas
12 Indie Apps For Christmas

Apparently it’s time to embrace the Christmas spirit with some charity donations! Twelve independent app developers have come together for a small promotion that delicately avoids the word bundle. Calling it 12 Indie Apps For Christmas, the developers have pledged to give 25% of each sale of their game, after Apple’s cut, for the entire month of December to a charity of their choice.

The two charities that were picked to receive the donations were Child’s Play and Doctors Without Borders. This promotion means that all you literally have to do is buy one of their games and you have done your bit for charity. Simple. So far the promotion has raised over $1500 for the chosen charities, and they still have the rest of the month to go yet! The available games as part of the promotion can be seen below:

12 Indie Apps For Christmas

Unfortunately all of the games are iOS only, so Android people, you cannot get involved in this unfortunately. Those who can though, there are some pretty cool games up here, Velocispider for instance and iBlast Moki are favourites of ours. Of course, being apps, none of them are that costly so buy as many as possible knowing that you are also donating to a very good cause!

More information on 12 Indie Apps For Christmas can be found over at the official website.

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