Indie Intermission – ‘Chrono&Cash’ The Art Of Stealing Through Time

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After reading about the Race The Sun announcement earlier I decided to find out a bit more about Brass Monkey and how it works. So I went to their official portal site and found I could get iOS and Android versions of the controller – I opted for Android as my iPhone is that of the 3G generation and therefore does not work with anything.

So I installed the little app and opened it and to my amazement it synced straight away to my browser on my computer with no sign in require. I did briefly think that this was some kind of witchcraft – and to some extent still do – but decided to press on with this dark and mysterious technology none the less.

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After browsing the collection available I decided to give Chrono&Cash a go. Created by Orange Pixel it’s a game in which you travel through time stealing from people. Yes I know it’s a great premiss for any game and it does play surprisingly well across the Brass Monkey gaming platform.

You control the character by taping both left and right with the jump button situated to the side that can be double tapped to gain even more hight. I was very impressed that I didn’t really get any input lag across the wirelessly connected devices, and I am really happy to see this working so flawlessly.

Chrono&Cash - Mobile screen

View of the Chrono&Cash’s Mobile screen used as the input device

Chrono&Cash is a rather small and fun arcade style game in which the aim is to accumulate as higher score as possible via stealing all the cash without being caught. It plays out in a similar manner to that of Super Crate Box but does feel totally different as you have no option to fight back, and that is really what lends to the difficulty here.

Average play time -2 minutes

Chrono&Cash is a very well made game with a nice pixel art graphic style that works fantastically in this setting. For a tech geek like me using the Brass Monkey platform to play Chrono&Cash was awesome and I look forward to playing more games via the platform.

Play Chrono&Cash on Brass Monkey here. Be sure to start here as you will be directed to download the apps on the site. Or conversely you can always search for “Bass Monkey” on your mobile platform of choice.

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