Indie Intermission Day 11 – ‘Boxy The Box Cat In Evolution Escapades’

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This is a unique game that I managed to completely stumble across on twitter and upon hearing the key phrases “cat” “nuclear” “laser eyes” I hurriedly found the page and was amazed, hell this is the internet after all so cats have to have a feature really. Boxy The Box Cat In Evolution Escapades is a game by Matthias Zarzecki and was originally designed for Ludum Dare 24 as an exploratory puzzle game about evolution.

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This quirky game is a great deal of fun, the visuals are fun and the gameplay is very simple with you controlling Boxy around this nuclear environment finding nuclear waste to evolve (very much like superheroes, but with cats) making for a nice quirky gameplay dynamic. As Boxy you traverse the city looking for ways to appease you kittens and survive this environment using the evolutions to aid you progress through the different stages of the game.

It is very much a short but sweet game with some very fun elements even if the overall missions are quite basic and all very similar, all that really matters is when you get to the evolution stage of boxy with laser beams coming out of her eyes though. There is a lot to love about this quirky concept which is full of humour continally and I am sure with more love Matthias Zarzecki could easily make a fun and interesting series of games out of Boxy, a now much beloved online name.

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The environments are all 3D and look pretty nice, especially considering all the time constraints and although the music is only one track looped with a little more time i am sure this game could be devloped into a nice series of feature games that are just good wholesome fun.

Average completion time: 20-30 minutes

Boxy The Box Cat In Evolution Escapades can be play here and is created by Matthias Zarzecki, with his personal blog being here. If you did enjoy this game then I also encourage you to vote for it over here as well.

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