Indie Intermission – ‘Dream Of Pixels’ Turning Tetris On Its Head

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I used to be a pretty big fan of Tetris back in the 90s it really was one of the must have Gameboy titles after all – well it shipped with it. It was hours of fun trying to fit the little tetrominoes together and not let the screen fill up.

Little innovation has been done with the standard Tetris model over the years however. Other than making it multiplayer, which to be fair was a great deal of fun but nothing too innovative.

You would think the game is quite limited and well Tetris is as good as it will ever get. However Dawn Of Play have managed to come up with a great idea to get around this and really create a stand out new style of Tetris game.

Dream Of Pixels ss01

Dream Of Pixels is a fantastic and reversed take on Tetris. As blocks are dropping down and you must make shapes that get assigned to you out of them, resulting in clearing lines as always. It sounds strange I know but it really does turn the genre quite literally on its head and creates some really fun gameplay whilst doing it.

It really is a classic puzzle game inverted and I do love the creativity behind the concept and the gameplay overall. A very fun game that should appeal to Tetris veterans and puzzle fanatics alike.

Dream Of Pixels game over

Average play time – 5 minutes

Dream Of Pixels is available on Kongregate here and really is well worth your time. Dawn Of Play however have just released a full version on iOS which includes challenges, numerous game modes and full beautiful visuals really adding a great deal to this already fun little title.

If Dream Of Pixels does appeal to you check out the official site here and if you have an iOS device you can pick it up at a 66% discount currently.

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