Indie Intermission – I Hope That Wasn’t A ‘T.Y.P.O’

T.Y.P.O Splash
T.Y.P.O - breaking the walls down

Earlier in the week I covered a satire of arty games that was submitted to the game jam Fuck This Jam. Since than I have been searching through the jam entries and as expected, it really has allowed developers to really create some fantastic titles. So expect to see a few more next week.

Today’s entry was created by Squadra Games and is called T.Y.P.O  (Teletype Protocol Operation) which is a novel twist on tower defence. In T.Y.P.O you  defend your tower by typing in the words of the enemies which directs your laser to shoot at them. It really is an inspired take and one that reminds me a great deal of the infamous Typing Of The Dead.

T.Y.P.O - lasers from heaven

The visuals are nice and I have had no real issue with the game mechanics at all, being created for a jam it does lack some additional features such as an upgrade system. Though I am sure if more time was spent on the game it really could be fully fleshed out into a very novel game indeed.

After the rise of typing proficiency games of the late 90s early 2000s they really have fallen out of favour. T.Y.P.O is a great addition and does provide a great deal of fun in the gameplay and variety in words.

T.Y.P.O - lasers

Average play time – 8 minutes

With a great title T.Y.P.O is a fun little game that draws influence from earlier typing games and combines with the ever more popular tower defence  genre. T.Y.P.O has been really well put together and functions fantastically, and really is worth a few minutes of your time.

Play T.Y.P.O here and check its Fuck This Jam page here.

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  1. Emanuel Masamune Tavares

    I’m the developer from T.Y.P.O. I would like to thank you for your article! Adriano Borges and I really liked your comments and we intend to further expand the game to eventually release a more fleshed version for the web.

    Thank you very much!

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