Nuuvem’s ‘Indie Master Pack’ Bundle Isn’t Bad At All

Nuuvem Indie Master Pack
Nuuvem Indie Master Pack

Brazil’s first digital gaming store front, Nuuvem, are having a rather enticing sale at the moment – four decent indie games at a low price!

Well, well, well. Another indie game bundle you say? Yes, this one is a little different from others as it’s a promotional gimmick for Nuuvem, isn’t pay-what-you-want and doesn’t donate to charity as is often the norm. However, the games available in the bundle sale are fairly decent and you might not already own them, so there is that.

The Indie Master Pack is available for about $11.50 USD and you get the following four games:

At the time of writing the bundle is available for another 2 and a half days, so you better rush over to the official website and grab it while you can! Make sure you take Google Translate with you unless you can speak Portugese.

We asked Nuuvem how you receive the games and they replied with the following:

“In these games, ony Clash of Heroes is steamworks. The others, the player will download directly from Nuuvem.”

You can pay for the bundle with PayPal and credit/debit cards but you do have to make an account on the site. It may be a little hassle, but you can decide if it’s worth it for the games. Instinct tells us yes.

You can purchase and find out more information on the Indie Master Pack over on the official website. More information on Nuuvem and how it works can be found on this page.

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